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This page shows the stories of Main Theme and event operations in Arknights. This also includes interludes, which are story contents separate from the operations' stories.

Please keep in mind that only stories whose corresponding subject have been released in the Global server are included here.

Detailed articles for each story's subject, including their synopsis, can be found by clicking on their respective image.

Prologue: Evil Time Part 1
Episode 01: Evil Time Part 2
Episode 02: Separated Hearts
Episode 03: Stinging Shock
Episode 04: Burning Run
Episode 05: Necessary Solutions
Episode 06: Partial Necrosis
Episode 07: The Birth of Tragedy
Episode 08: Roaring Flare
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Episode 09: Stormwatch
Part 1 Recap9-19-29-39-49-59-69-79-89-99-109-129-139-149-189-199-209-21
Episode 10: Shatterpoint
Record: Unsigned Notebook
Episode 11: Return to Mist
Record: Book of the Tower Knights
Episode 12: All Quiet Under the Thunder
Record: Cleaner's Collection
Darknights Memoir
This is the story of a mercenary, venturing through life and death on the battlefield.
This is the story of a follower, trusted by the others yet failing to protect.
This is the story of a dissident, fighting endlessly, scoring life and death all the while.
This is the story of W, and her companions.

A Walk in the Dust
The extent of Kal'tsit's influence is immeasureable.
Ursus, Victoria, and Sargon all bear marks of her presence.
Whatever her role may be, she firmly and persistently pursues her own vision.
Those who journey alongside her, too, are busily authoring the stories of their own lives.
Time stops for no one, and Kal'tsit continues marching onward.

Under Tides
Skadi hears the thrill of a long unheard melody at Rhodes Island.
Following this sound, she meets Gladiia.
Yet, this former comrade swiftly disappears after little more than a glimpse.
She kidnapped Specter, leaving nothing but a name for Skadi.
"Sal Viento", a lethargic and mysterious coastal town.
There, Skadi will unravel the mystery of her and her companions' bloodline.

Stultifera Navis
A nation sunken in silence has left its legacy upon the waves.
The Hunters follow their kin's trail to where the clues converge.
Stultifera Navis, the golden ship, a monument to civilization.
Kal'tsit warns that humanity must unite.
Iberia no longer knows the sea, and Ægir has taken in foreign blood.
The sea alone is the source of all life, and the sea alone is unchanging.

Lone Trail
Kristen's disappearance stirs everyone's emotions.
The military and the Maylander Foundation gather in Trimounts.
Kal'tsit chooses to intervene.
Dark clouds gather as a rainstorm draws near.
Is this a conspiracy, a farce, or one's lone awakening?
Old grudges now cross paths here, as the past and the present clash.
Tonight, nobody sleeps.

Unofficial English translations provided by PHOTON563.
Grani and the Knights' Treasure
Dewville, a remote village in Kazimierz has been occupied by bounty hunters.
These bounty hunters indiscriminately rampage and ruin, apparently in an attempt to find the knight's treasure said to be buried here.
After receiving a request for help, Mounted Police Grani volunteers to resolve the problem.
Can she really drive out the bounty hunters?
Will she find the mysterious knight's treasure?
Will peace return to Dewville?
Let's find it out.

Heart of Surging Flame
The Obsidian Festival is in full swing in the town of Siesta!
The Operators of Rhodes Island have come for a vacation as well.
Not before long, they learned that the eruption of a nearby volcano is imminent!
But it seems the town's government is trying to cover it up?!
In the midst of summer, heat, music and battle,
Rhodes Island will set out with the mayor's daughter, Ceylon.
Will they manage to save the day?

Code of Brawl
Bison of MountainDash Logistics was ambushed and is hanging on for dear life?
His saviors are not his father's men, but Penguin Logistics?
It's Sauin, yet the darker undercurrents of Lungmen are out in force?
Who is the actual underground mastermind of Lungmen?
MountainDash Logistics? Penguin Logistics? The Siracusan Mafia? Or someone else?
In the dark of the night, an unmissable feast is about to begin!

Twilight of Wolumonde
Folinic and Suzuran arrive at this place, searching for the missing Atro.
Wolumonde, "The Eighth Moon" of Leithanien Winterwisp Mountains.
Under the threat of Catastrophes, the town remains still while suspicion lurks in the people's eyes.
A great fire extinguishes many lives, but from the ashes more questions rise.
With the arrival of Reunion, the conflict between the Infected and the townsfolk reaches a climax.
Will this incident be resolved? Will there be answers to the mystery?
Please investigate the truth hidden in the twilight, alongside the operators of Rhodes Island.

The Great Chief Returns
The doctor, Gavial, and co. travel to Gavial's hometown on a low-altitude aircraft.
Acahualla, a place of lush forests within Sargon.
Close to their destination, the aircraft is struck down!
The doctor and Gavial have no choice but to travel on foot to the settlements to seek help.
What plots and threats do the vast rainforests hide?
Will the Rhodes Island operators be able to repair their aircraft and return?
Gavial, this is your home turf. It's all on you now!

Maria Nearl
Consumption and entertainment suffuse the modern land of the knights.
For the sake of her family's prestige,
a young Maria Nearl embarks on the path to the Kazimierz Major.
However, the young lady has yet to realize the meaning the word "knight" now carries,
nor is she aware of the inner workings of modern Kazimierz......
A long and arduous journey lies ahead of Maria.

Mansfield Break
Years ago, Anthony Simon was incarcerated in Mansfield State Prison.
All the while, he has been plotting to escape and uncover the truth.
Little did he know, a plot targeting him was unfolding at the same time.
Silence who coincidentally discovered Anthony's existence, Saria who had already taken action,
Muelsyse whose intentions remain uncertain, as well as HydeBro and the Director of Energy behind them.
Perhaps a late-night talk in the bar will shed some light on the truth behind this conspiracy,
and lift a corner off the veil of secrecy covering Rhine Lab.

Who is Real
Lava and Kroos, who arrived in Yan at the behest of Nian,
meet a resident of Yan who encountered some trouble in the wilderness, Mr. Nothing.
Together, the three of them follow the clues and search for Mount Hui-ch'i, to look for Nian's sister.
An unassuming thatched house reveals a hidden world the moment they enter.
Regaining their wits, they find themselves in a quaint little Yan town.
Beneath the coexisting sun and moon, the town besieged by spirits of ink. A mysterious monk whose words bring truth:
True or false, false or true, you and I are but inhabitants of a painting.

Operation Originium Dust
Dossoles Holiday
Ch'en was invited to spend the summer at Dossoles, Bolívar.
Little did she know that she would run into Lin Yühsia there.
Meanwhile, the most unique city in Bolívar is about to hold its most significant annual event: the
Dossoles Warrior Championship.
Where there is light, however, there is always shadow,
and this shadow threatens to consume the entire city.
What is the danger that Ch'en and Lin Yühsia are sensing?

Near Light
The return of the Radiant Knight
pushes the Special Knight Tournament to a climax.
At the same time, in the dark corners where the neon lights do not shine,
the suppressed roars are about to break their shackles.
On the stage, the paths of the knights cross.
Below the stage, the city lingers on the brink.
Soon, the two paths will converge...

NL-ST-1NL-1NL-2NL-3NL-4NL-ST-2NL-5NL-6NL-ST-3NL-7NL-8NL-9NL-10NL-ST-4Epilogue 1Epilogue 2Epilogue 3
Break the Ice
The mountains guard ancient beliefs
and the snow hides great dangers
in this realm of snow.
The gods have watched over these
rarely-visited cliffs for a thousand years.
Smoke rises gently from chimneys in this peaceful land,
its tranquility broken by a great train rushing through.

Invitation to Wine
The dreamer becomes drunk at the ancient pavilion.
The spring gusts blow through the mountains, and the shadow reveals its true face through the clouds.
Old matters yet to be resolved, a new game of chess has begun in Shangshu.
A visitor from distant Lungmen,
an antique goblet hidden in a box,
a piece that has long been in the game,
a lonely little boat, rowed into Shancheng.

Guide Ahead
A grand and unprecedented Summit of Nations,
Gathering envoys from all lands to the holy city of Laterano.
Beneath an eternal halo, they share joy and glory;
Amidst ceaseless gunshots, they fend off pain and darkness.
Foreign travelers marvel at the scenery, while returning Messengers silently pray:
May supreme grace be bestowed upon us, may eternal redemption descend to us.
May you and I, guided by the light, journey ahead to an unknown horizon.

Lingering Echoes
Leithanien, land of spires, home to wisdom and music.
The shadows of days past are gone, and the light of dawn fills the streets.
Afterglow Hall, Vyseheim.
Strings stretched to the breaking point are about to play their last notes.
Keys of black and white are trapped by the stave lines of destiny.
A forgotten melody begins to grow in obsession.
The sounds of joy drift in the glow, as no one notices that the sun has begun to set.

Ideal City: Endless Carnival
Gavial and Eunectes head home in response to a call for help.
Elysium and the Acahualla go underground to solve a problem.
When they arrive at the underground city, they find a situation they never imagined.
The Durin enjoy a cool summer splash beneath a broken dome.
Competition, conflict, crisis; all must take a back seat.
Cool off and drink to your heart's content. After the party is another party!

Dorothy's Vision
Weaved from science, computed from dreams.
Data and experiments have created a behemoth.
It floats above Trimounts, gazing silently at all that happens below.
Forward or backwards, the direction of science holds true.
It is always progressing, for good or for ill.

DV-ST-1DV-1DV-2DV-3DV-4DV-5 (DV-S-1)DV-6DV-7 (DV-S-2)DV-8DV-ST-2
IL Siracusano
This is an unexpected invitation, but she knew that it shall come someday.
This is a long-schemed explosion, but he knew that it is going to happen.
This is a gunshot that torn the clouds, which he has been waiting for decades
This is a long-overdue farewell, and she turned in no hesitation.
This is a city in its raining season, and forget not to bring your unbrella while coming.

What the Firelight Casts
Tara, a vaguely defined area, a swampy mire...
A homeland that can only be found in the old chants.
She once escaped from here, but now she has returned here hiding all her identity.
The "Spectres" are emerging out of the shadows, the marching of Dublinn is leaving the earth scorched.
The Red Dragon given the flame of life by its bloodline, must also bear its weight.
What kind of fire lighted me up? Who am I now the shadow to?

Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow
The city stood for centuries on the frontier fortresses is about to bid its farewell to a man who defended here for centuries.
So tall are the temples, so far is the Jianghu. Plots brew beneath the dusty hazes.
Sandstorms are not to bend the tenacious trees, they fear not the catastrophes above, for their wills are as firm as the fortress itself.
A talk on swords, a recall of the past, the liquor is yet warm.
All the ingenius plots, grievances and hatreds, eventually have returned to dust.
The sound of drums sends old friend off from far away.

A Flurry to the Flame
NOTE: A Flurry to the Flame's stories/interludes will never be available in the Archives, and thus can only be watched during the event!
Hortus de Escapismo
So Long, Adele: Home Away From Home
Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures
Operational Intelligence
  1. The Anonymous Ones' War
  2. Destroyer
  3. Sniper Training
  4. Survival Notorization
  5. After-class Homework
  6. Polaris
  7. Among the Light and the Dust
Ancient Forge
  1. Ancient Forge I
  2. Ancient Forge II
  3. Ancient Forge III
Stories of Afternoon
  1. Let's Throw a Party!
  2. Diary
  3. Today's Kitchen
  4. The Wanderer's Home
  5. Asking For Trouble
  6. Moving Forward
Children of Ursus
  1. Habits
  2. The Chosen
  3. Meeting in a Dream
  4. Hypocrisy
  5. Talking in Riddles
  6. Business as Usual
  7. Before Spring's Coming
Rewinding Breeze
  1. Homecoming
  2. Expatriates
  3. Astray
  4. Recollection
  5. A Song Called April
  6. Criscrossing Shadows
  7. Stories from the Sky
Beyond Here
  1. No Sequel
  2. Boundless Wilds
  3. Fairytale Everlasting
  4. A Streetcar Named Faith
  5. Blind Journey
  6. Sword and Scale
  7. For a Better Self
Preluding Lights
  1. Crushed Earth
  2. Flickering Sparks
  3. Urban Legends
  4. Forgotten Lighthouse
  5. Different
  6. Letter
  1. Spes
  2. Memoria
  3. Valorem
  4. Cogitatio
  5. Anterior
  6. Pignus
Pinus Sylvestris
  1. Home
  2. Dropping Grey
  3. Let Us Ring a Ding Ding
  4. A Lone Soul
  5. Way of the Knights
  6. Somebody
  7. Drifting in the Wind
A Light Spark in Darkness
  1. Maybe
  2. Anywhere I Wander
  3. We will all Go Together
  4. Lone Ranger
  5. Something's Gotta Give
  6. Ring-a-Ding-Ding!
To Be Continued
  1. Browntail
  2. Until Next Time
  3. Wolf and Wolfpack
  4. Farewell Roy
  5. Harmony in Difference
  6. True Story
An Obscure Wanderer
  1. Hermit Abode
  2. Only the Stars
  3. I Have Gazed
  4. No Peace
  5. Sunken Sun
  6. Empty Armor
  7. Words of Farewell
It's Been A While
NOTE: It's Been A While's stories/interludes will never be available in the Archives, and thus can only be watched during the event!
  1. Turn Left, Turn Right
  2. The Walls Have You
  3. Yangni and I
  4. Time of Farewell
  5. Reunited
  6. Chill Out
A Death in Chunfen
  1. Afraid to Return Home
  2. Courtyard Valley
  3. Neither Gods Nor Demons
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Nameless Minion
  6. Lone Mountain
The Black Forest Wills A Dream
  1. In the Biting Cold
  2. Daughter of the Icefield
  3. Shadows of Trees
  4. Revelation of Nature
  5. Homecoming
  6. One Day
  7. Vision Unseen