Event synopsis: An Obscure Wanderer

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An Obscure Wanderer

An Obscure Wanderer acts as the conclusion of the Kazimierz Major trilogy, telling the self-redemption of Młynar Nearl during his three-month leave from the Grand Knight Territory and his stay in Dzwonek which will lead to his reawakening of his long forgotten chivalry.

Hermit Abode

The once-glorious knight-errant of the Nearls, now a bystander watching the bulldozers wrecking away the era of the past.

Following the end of the 24th Major season, Młynar takes his three-month leave from his company to re-embark on his journey to search for any clue concerning the missing Nearl parents, his most respected elder brother Schnitz and sister-in-law Yolanta. Together with Toland the Sarkaz bounty hunter, the two have been travelling around the outskirt villages of Dzwonek, Strumykowo and Twierdza, in southern Kazimierz to look for any clue from the locals. Unfortunately, none of the locals know about their whereabout, except the recent news of the villages' land being purchased by the Gale Industries for development. As Młynar wanders around the villages, not only he notices the increasing numbers of Leithanian refugees settling here since the era of the Witch King, but also he sighs at he gazes factories dotting the once golden field, feeling that time really flies.

Meanwhile, Toland is on his mission to investigate his bounty hunter companions being taken under custody by a local campaign knightclub. He personally approaches Czcibor Paleniskos, a close friend of both and the head of the knightclub, to discuss this matter. Toland learns that the local authorities have been stricter recently as several Infected-related riots are spreading across Dzwonek, hence the mistakes between the bounty hunters and the knight. On one hand, Czcibor is willing to offer his help to both of them, including helping Młynar to reforge his old sword and sharing the intel, but he warns Toland to not meddle too deeply in this affair as it is related to Gale Industries.

As the two chat about their old days, Czcibor raises up the topic of an unfair trial years ago which led to the wrongful execution of his mentor Celina. While he personally holds grudges on Młynar for the tragedy, he does not fully blame him. Nevertheless, the way Czcibor acts during the conversation has brought some questions to Toland, thinking that he might be pretending to be friendly to Młynar.

Only the Stars

Młynar coincidentally meets Dezcz the lawyer in a muddy road of Twierdza when the latter's car suddenly breaks down. He helps the girl get to the village as she is about to be late for a corporate meeting. Along the way, Dezcz has a deja vu with him, recalling her memory when she met him in a bidder conference along with a representative of the Westland Company three years ago, but Młynar ignores much of her words.

Upon reaching the village, Dezcz hurries on for the meeting with Hamm the lawyer, and the two begin their business negotiation. The case they handle is a property ownership dispute regarding the lordship of Mr. Marek's land in which the local residents were forced to be moved out to pave way for the factories of Gale Industries. Regardless, the two lawyers unanimously believe that both parties should have the land divided equally, and they conclude the negotiation with a satisfactory result.

Following that night, after having a drink with Hamm, Dezcz coincidentally meets Młynar in the street. This time, she gratefully thanks him for the help during the day. She also raises up the question about Westland's business downfall following that bidder conference. The man gives no further answer to her as he sees that downfall as his own "humiliation."

The next morning, Dezcz meets Młynar and asks him to bring her out of Twierdza before heading back to Kawalerielki, but Młynar is heading toward Dwzonek. Nevertheless, she changes her mind to go to Dwzonek for a short break from her tedious work.

I Have Gazed

The story's focus shifts onto "Flametail" Sona and "Ashlock" Greynuty, the two knightesses of Pinus Sylvestris, having a mission in the Infected district of Dwzonek. As P.S.'s first mission in Rhodes Island, they are here to get in touch with a local Infected group who has been inciting several riots targeting Gale Industries. The two encounter a man named Zeno Shelvin, a foreman of Gale and a member of the group. From his words, these riots were originally just some worker protests, but have become more complicated as he suspects that there are outsiders meddling their affairs. But the man just quickly finishes his words and then leaves in a hurry.

Sona and Greynuty continue their investigation. They suspect that Zeno might the ringleader of the riots. Regardless, they try to get contact with Zeno again, but he always flees from them and the Gale inspectors. Luckily, the two bump into Młynar, and he is willing to search for Zeno.

The gang eventually meets Zeno again. Młynar promises that he will not be arrested by the authorities since he had already negotiated with Gale to drop their legal charges against him. The two then question his intentions, guessing that he might be threatened by Gale to take the blame as the company is trying to get rid of an Infected district to pave way for their factories. Zeno replies that he was requested by a campaign knightclub to start those riots, bringing Młynar's attention. With that said, Młynar takes Zeno away from the Zalak knightesses for some private talks.

Two days later, to the girls' surprise, Zeno was on the news' headline, stating that he willingly "surrendered to the authorities." But within a day, he has fled from the police's custody and hides somewhere else.

No Peace

Szewczyk the "Plastic Knight," now settled in Dwzonek with his family following the Major incident, is ready to fetch his son from school as usual. But suddenly, he hears news concerning an explosion in a nearby slum. And to the father's horror, it is rumored that some kids were playing nearby, prompting him to run down the streets hurriedly.

The incident coincides with the visit of Count Dierolf of Leithanien, the host of an upcoming opening ceremony for a Kazimierz-Leithanien twin town. While touring around the slum, he and his bodyguard Aloisia encounter the explosion as well. Nevertheless, the nobleman encounters both Młynar and Zeno searching for the perpetrators. The two parties have suspicion onto each other: Młynar has been suspected the Leithanian to be the perpetrator of the Infected riots, whereas the count feels hostility from him.

The gang puts down their fight and prioritizes on escaping from the burning ruins. They also rescue some of the kids trapping, including Szewczyk's son. Suddenly, the gang finds a radio among the rubbles, revealing secret intel regarding some campaign knights' preparation for war against Leithanien. Furiously, the count and his bodyguard fire their Arts against Młynar but is immediately stopped Zeno. Just then, an arrow from Szewczyk interrupts the fights, allowing the Leithanians to run away. Młynar then pacifies Szewczyk's fury by informing him his son is already on the way to the hospital.

The aftershock of the incident is far from over. No one is injured from the explosion, but the Leithanian diplomats have decided to leave Kazimierz quietly by night. In the meantime, some campaign knights are gathering at the wilderness of Dwzonek, waiting for the right moment to start an insurgence.

Sunken Sun

Regardless of any hardship, Młynar and Toland will always stand out as chivalrous heroes.

Młynar meets Toland again in the outskirt village of Dzwonek after settling down Zeno. The two have been suspecting that the local campaign knightclub is planning to start a war against Leithanien in the midst of an important diplomatic ceremony. They know this could only be done by Czcibor because he has a deep grudge against the National Council due to both the death of his father who led a failed insurgence and the false trial of Celina which he still remembers deeply. The local Infected riots are just cover-up of their plot by ordering Gale Industries to hire some actors for the riots and publicize them, hence distracting the public's attention. Their ultimate goal is to recreate the scenario months ago when the Silverlance Pegasi entered the capital, hence enacting a state of emergency that could allow Kazimerz to declare war on Leithanien.

Młynar decides to meet Czcibor again and persuade him to stop such foolish actions. Although Toland agrees, he warns him to be careful. Młynar's sword is still with the campaign knights, and Toland's bounty hunter companions are still under their custody, making them at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, Młynar proceeds towards his goal while Toland heads on to bring the Leithanian diplomats to shelter.

Empty Armor

Back in the campaign knights' campsite in wilderness, while Czcibor and his knights are planning to stop the Leithanian diplomats from fleeing, they receive an important order from the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi. The Grand Knight has ordered Czcibor's knightclub to be withdrawn from Dzwonek immediately and return to Kawalerielki. However, Czcibor defies the order by murdering the Messenger as a threat to his subordinates, knowing that the whole plot has already been exposed to the Adeptus.

Meanwhile, while the Leithanian diplomats are about to leave the nomadic city, they encounter an ambush attack at the checkpoint. Toland arrives at the spot luckily and takes down the assassins. but due to their initial hostility, he has to forcefully take the count away by knocking him out. He then orders the bodyguard to distract the assassins away while he drives away with the count to a nearby outskirt village.

"Młynar Nearl.... That's why you became disillusioned... You... don't know how many years they've waited in foreign lands....."

Just as things do not go as well as Czcibor wishes, Młynar finally arrives. A deadly duel occurs between the two old friends after Młynar retrieves his sword as promised. Czcibor laments that not only has the Adeptus already been corrupted by modern greed, but Kazimierz also needs a true war to reawaken itself. He even sees Młynar as being a weakling instead of his past chivalrous self. On the other hand, Młynar has no opinion on his murmur but responds that all he does is only for the sake of guarding the true meaning of a knight's chivalry. The knight-errant deals a fatal blow onto Czcibor through his luminous Arts that breaks his armor.

Młynar stands in front of the dying knight in with pitiful face. Nevertheless, before collapsing, Czcibor reveals his last message. And to Młynar's surprise, he actually encountered Schnitz during an infiltration mission in Leithanien years ago. But before Młynar asks more about Schnitz's whereabout, the knight passes away amidst the golden rain.

Words of Farewell

The story first focuses on Margaret having a brief chat with Vogelweide, Kowal, and Marcin. She learns from them what happens to the family following her exile from Kazimierz and the passing of her grandfather Kirill such as receiving threats from other nobles and the K.G.C.C. As Margaret hurries off for her job, the three old men could feel same aura as Schnitz from her, praising that the girl has finally grown up to uphold the family's name.

Back to the villages around Dzwonek, Młynar and Toland meet up together after all the incidents they were involved in to discuss their opinions regarding the whole affair. Toland is surprised that Czcibor's coup d'état has actually prompted the National Council to retrial some of the cases, one of which is the false trial that cost Celina's life. Even the local Infected workers are given protection in secret by the local authorities. The incident has causes Młynar to ask himself the meaning of a knight. Even though deep in heart, he feels that Kazimierz should already give up its knights so that no one will be bound by the glorious past, he himself has no precise answer. Toland then gives him an invitation letter from R.I. handed by Sona, asking him whether he has interest in resigning from the old company and joining this new one. While Młynar has no opinion, he feels that there is a chance that he could gain more intel regarding Schnitz's whereabouts through R.I.'s cooperation with the Adeptus.

As the duo watches a car heading off for the newly opened Kazimierz-Leithanien twin town in Dwzonek, they continue their aimless journey to find their eventual destiny.