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Operators are the playable characters in Arknights. Acting as the "towers" in Arknights' tower defense setting, Operators are placed in locations around the battlefield to engage enemies and keep them from reaching the objective.

Operators come in six rarities determining their overall performance, denoted by a number of stars from 1 to 6.


Operators have many functionalities, ranging from directly fighting the enemy either with melee or long-ranged weaponry, using Originium Arts to attack the enemy with destructive magic, healing other Operators, or providing some form of offensive or defensive support.

There are two types of Operators: melee and ranged. Melee Operators are deployed on lower ground, or "melee tiles," while ranged Operators are deployed on higher ground, or "ranged tiles."

Most Operators have at least one and at most three skills to use, up to two base skills, and various talents.

The majority of Operators are aligned with Rhodes Island, although some of them act as contacts or liaisons of their faction, mercenaries, or volunteers. This does not affect Operators' accessibility and usage during gameplay, however.

Specific Operators also have their own Operator Records and Paradox Simulation. Refer to the respective articles for details.


Operators are assigned into squads, with a player having four squads to assign their Operators into that can be renamed to their liking.

Outside of Integrated Strategies and Stationary Security Service, a squad is made up of 12 Operators. As Operators are unique, only one of each Operator may be in a squad at a time. However, the alternate version of an Operator can be present alongside the original Operator in a squad.



Operators' attributes are displayed on the left side of the Character Details page, above the character name.

As the Operator gain levels, their attributes will be increased. The attribute cap will be increased when the Operator is promoted.

Increasing the Operator's potential and Trust will also provide a bonus to their attributes.


There are two main ways of obtaining Operators: headhunting and recruitment.

Certain 6★ and 5★ Operators are available for purchase in the Distinctions Store for 180 Distinction Certificate icon.png and 45 Distinction Certificate icon.png, respectively; the available Operators differ in every standard headhunting banner rotation.

Courier, Dur-nar, and Gavial can be purchased at the Credit Store.

Ethan, Pudding and Quartz can be purchased at the Shop Vouchers Store for 150 Shop Voucher icon.png. Qanipalaat, Breeze and Honeyberry are also available for 600 Shop Voucher icon.png.

Obtaining duplicates of Operators the player already own will give the respective Operator's Operator Token instead, which can be used to improve the Operator's Potential and traded for Commendation Certificate.png Commendation Certificate or Distinction Certificate.png Distinction Certificate once the corresponding Operator's potential is maxed out.


Operators are defined by their roles or specializations that they are suited to be used as a combination of their class, attributes, trait, skills, and talents.

Role Description
AOE Deals damage towards multiple targets, hence the name which stands for "area-of-effect".
Crowd-Control Limits the enemy's actions or disable them outright, mostly by inflicting Negative Statuses.
Debuff Weaken enemies by inflicting various debuffs on them, hence the name.
Defense Withstand attacks or hold off enemies. All Defenders beside Noir Corne innately specialize in Defense.
DP-Recovery Generates additional DP to facilitate unit deployment. All Vanguards beside Yato innately specialize in DP-Recovery.
DPS Deals damage in a sustained rate, hence the name which stands for "damage per second".
Fast-Redeploy Can be easily relocated due to their shorter redeployment time than other Operators. Executor and Merchant Specialists, and Agent Vanguards innately specialize in Fast-Redeploy.
Healing Restores the HP of friendly units. All Medics and Guardian Defenders innately specialize in Healing.
Nuker Deals as much damage as possible in a short timeframe, usually towards multiple targets.
Shift Displace enemies through the namesake mechanic. Push Stroker and Hookmaster Specialists are innately specialized in Shift.
Slow Hinders the mobility of enemies. Decel Binder Supporters innately specialize in Slow.
Summon Utilizes the namesake to act as force multiplier. Summoner Supporters beside Magallan innately specialize in Summon.
Support Provides offensive and defensive backup for friendly units, allowing them to gain an advantage over enemies.
Survival Can last longer on the field than other Operators, allowing them to hold back enemies on their own.