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Cheers for racing!!!
The Whistlewind brand boasts a depth of years tied to the clothing of Victoria's motor races. With mature design experience and assembly pipelines, ensuring aesthetics as a first principle, conducting rigorous checks on material quality, its sole goal is to offer the most intimate support to the race queens and drivers as they ascend the podium, world watching.
Whistlewind slide 0.png
Queen No. 1
Bagpipe Skin 1.png
Model: Bagpipe
Illustrator: U介
One of Bagpipe's work outfits.
But the racers were scared of Bagpipe, because on the off-chance of a crash, they'd be the only ones injured. Luckily, that was another reason the organizers asked her to be the flag-bearer.
Whistlewind Series Race Queen Core Line. In full race queen form, sporting a Raythean-sponsored Piledriver Spear, Bagpipe carries herself tall and brings the spectators' cheers non-stop.
Available from: Secret Sanctuary (300 Contract Bounty icon.png) • [CN] Crystal Sanctuary (980 Crystal Contract Bounty icon.png)
Release: Contingency Contract Cinder