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Raythean Industries, or Raythean for short, is a Terran corporation. Based in Columbia and run by the Brynley family, Raythean is known for being one of the main manufacturers of weapons used throughout Terra, in addition to being extensively involved in robotics. With its wealth, they are also able to reverse engineer Sankta guns and sell it to various corporations such as Blacksteel. All these make Raythean an influential international corporation.

Raythean has offices around the world and has been actively engages in various events across Terra. It is notable for being one of the sponsors of drones used in the 24th Major season.[1] Raythean also once provided military support to the private troops of Enciodes Silverash during the Snowcap Incident by selling their latest military equipment to Karlan Trade.[2]


  • Castle-3 (modified from Thor-Exist Plus automated security robot)
  • Lancet-2 (modified from Exister-S6 automated triage robot)
  • THRM-EX (modified from Challenger Hellcat automated robot)
  • Justice Knight (modified from Exister-S1044 automated fire support robot)
  • The Chi Xiao's sheath; note the Raythean markings
    Chi Xiao[3] (Hanzi: 赤霄; lit. "Crimson Firmament"): Described as a "cloud-splitting" sword, Chi Xiao is a jian/katana hybrid and one of the few known weapons made from tempered Originium, allowing the wielder to unleash a powerful Originium Arts attack even if they are incapable of using Arts. Previously belonged to Wei Yenwu, but at some point passed to Ch'en.
  • Raythean Navigator Mk. I: A tactical crossbow that integrates an EMG trigger which allows it to be fired rapidly, claimed to be around 300 times faster than manual trigger – effectively turning it into a fully-automatic crossbow.[4]
  • Mjolnir-3: Savage's warhammer.
  • Raythean Franker: An EMP "rifle" originally meant for electronic warfare to jam hostile communications and battlefield navigation, but can also be used against drones effectively with some modifications. Used by Glaucus.[5]
  • Scene's Mobile Buggy Cams[6]
  • Skyfire's staff
  • Vulcan's shield
  • Ch'en the Holungday's pressurized water gun
  • Jessica the Liberated's anti-materiel rifle[7]
  • Elysium's transmission device


Raythean have two known branches that primarily engages in the design and production of tactical battledresses: Pioneer and Striker.

Notable staff

  • Bernie Brynley: Jessica's father, who's the head of the Brynley Family and CEO of Raythean Industries. He let Jessica to join BSW so she could find herself, but he thinks that despite letting her choose her path, she should come back home nonetheless.[8]
  • Raymond: A Raythean representative who was sent for a meeting with "Clip" Cliff regarding their partnership with Blacksteel. He's also anacquaintance of Jessica and the Brynley Family.[8]