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Siracusa, formally known as the Confederate City-States of Siracusa or simply the Siracusan Confederation (Confederazione Siracusano) is a Terran country located close to Kazdel, Laterano, and Leithanien. Home of many Lupus and Vulpoes, Siracusa is a confederation of twenty-two city-states with strong autonomy. Due to its ancient tradition, the country is currently under the effective control of twelve Mafia families with a unified leadership of a powerful Capo dei capi.

Despite its rampant crimes, cultural activities are prominent in the country, such as its unique cuisines represented with delicious pizzas and pasta, its religious influence from Laterano, and its Columbian-based legal system. Due to its Leithanian root, opera is beloved among the Siracusans from common folks to the nobilities.

The Siracusan language is identical to the Italian language in our world. However, both have distinct grammars and accents, even though both are mutually intelligible enough with each other.


The tradition of the mafia could be traced back to the ancient days when Siracusa was just a barren region. According to the founding myth, the tradition's origin could be traced back to the six children of the "She-Wolf," the leader of the Sette Colli tribe. Even though they were related by blood, her children often fought against each other over food and land. As they grew up to adulthood, they started to found their own tribes, worsening their relationship. Saddened by her children's bloody feud, the She-Wolf chose to "ascend into a moon's shadow."

The ascension of the She-Wolf prompted the tribe to made peace with each other. They reorganized their respective tribes into "families," sometimes known by the term famiglia, and divided six of the seven hills equally to each other with the seventh, the Sette Colli City, dedicated to the She-Wolf's memory. Since then, the six Families are able to coexist in peace for centuries to come, leading to their branching into the current Dodici Famiglie.[1]

A Siracusan gold florin. All large famiglie can mint and issue their own florins, but most of them contain the same important words in Siracusa: Ordo e Famiglia

The modern nation-state of Siracusa was founded following its independence from Leithanien in the year 969. Originally, Siracusa swore alliance to Leithanien through the Güldenesgesatz to avoid harassment of the Sarkaz, but its separatism grew as Kazdel weakened after the great crusade. By the tenth century, the Siracusan independence movement reached its peak and brought havocs to the remaining nine districts of Leithanien as it violates the pact.[2] Seeing the movement being out of control, the Witch King personally amended the Güldenesgesatz and formally recognized its independence to quell rebellions in Leithanien.[3][4]

Siracusa's independence was not without price, for there was a period marked with strives and lawlessness, making it echoing the ancient feud. Sixty years ago, in the year 1039, Signora Sicilia, the current head of state, unified the Dodici under the Grey Hall to end such chaotic period through the religion of the Lateran Church and a new legal system called the "Pistole e Ordine,“ the "Guns and Order."[5] Under her order, all famiglie must share their powers with each other equally with three prominent one, the Bellones, the Rossati, and the Saluzzoes, leading the Hall. Since then, there is a temporary peace among the famiglie marked with prosperity brought by Columbians of Siracusan descent through their wealth and technologies, especially during the heydays of the Texas famiglia.

Behind its outward peace, however, conspiracies and political schemes are prominent behind the scenes where each one of them vying to become the sole famiglia of the country. In the meantime, the common folks are living under the threat of the famiglie in which they will face a life-and-death situation if they are accidentally involve in their matters. Even then, newer generations have been finding their own answers to rebel against such ancient tradition and build a new country without the famiglie.

At one point, a diplomatic crisis between Siracusa and Gaul almost occurred in response to an "authentic" Siracusan restaurant in Lingones, Gaul's capital, which offered a pasta with sauce made from chocolate and Originium Slug liver, which was seen as an "insult" despite being praised by Gaulish nobles.[6]

Notable people


  • Salvadore Texas
  • "The She-Wolf": According to legends, she was the progenitor of the six original founders of Siracusa, as well as the chieftain of the Sette Colli tribe. However, the six siblings always fought with each other for food, and later founded their own tribes. When one of the siblings tried to snatch food from the She-Wolf, she became delusional as she didn't want to fight her own child. Saddened, she lept to the sky, thus becoming the "Moonshadow". From that day afterwards every time the moon turns black, all Lupos should remember the She-Wolf's graciousness and anger.[1]
  • Suzuran's mother?: A Mafiosa and member of one of Siracusa's core famiglie. At one point after secretly snucking Suzuran to Siracusa, she got herself caught herself in an incident involving unrest against another famiglia, which led to Suzuran having her left arm stabbed by an Originium shard hidden in a stuffed doll, thus becoming Infected. After leading an assasination attempt against her assailant's family, she was never heard again ever since. Although her whereabouts are unknown, it's implied that Lappland was involved in one way or another with the incident, hence why neither she or Suzuran should meet each other.[7]
  • Angelina's mentor (Angelina manhua).png
    Angelina's mentor?: A mysterious Messenger that Angelina met following her departure from her hometown, Florentia, who taught her how to use spacial-manipulation Arts. Her wisdom inspired Angelina to become a Messenger, but hasn't meet her again ever since.





  • Volsinii
  • Montelupe: The capital of Siracusa
  • Sette Colli City: Built in 797, it's known as the first Nomadic City ever built on Terra. It was founded by the Seven Cities Federation, and is used to dedicate the She-Wolf by the Six Families. The city has its own rules set up by the Sette Colli Council. A century ago, it was incorporated by a larger family into its territory.[1]
  • Locomotiva: A Nomadic city where Rhodes Island has one of its branch offices. Chiave and his gang once tried to seek refuge there after they fled Vite, but had to escape because he offended one of the city's big family figureheads.[8]
  • Palmo/Palermo: The city where Sussurro came from. It once experienced a severe Oripathy plague started by an explosion of an Originium factory. The plague almost depleted the local medical resources and paralyzed half the urban area.[9][10]
  • Vite: The city where the Chiave's gang comes from, controlled by Famiglia Trin. After offending the family following an incident where he modified his former boss' car, Chiave and his friends had to flee the city.[8]
  • Sorrento: The city where one of Penance´s acquaintances. former judge Bortolotti, comes from.[11]
  • Vermeil: A town known for their hand-crafted cloaks of high quality, the one worn by the homonymous Operator being one of them.[12]
  • Florentia: A large-scale Nomadic City where Angelina comes from, which had to leave after contracting Oripathy.[13][14][15]
  • Sicilia: An ancient Siracusan city founded by several small famiglie, which would eventually become the now difunct Sicilia Legale. Rumors say that when the city got invloved in civil unrest between the famiglie, the losers' tail was amputated with a sickle.[16]


  • Palermo Medical Academy: A medical institution where Sussurro graduated from.[9]