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Danbrown Leopardi is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in Il Siracusano.


Danbrown appears as an ordinary man working in a car wash in Volsinii, yearning to live a peaceful life as a Siracusan citizen, free from the mafia influence despite living in one of their territory. However, he's actually a professional, no-nonsense hitman working for Famiglia Saluzzo. In fact, he and Lappland took part of the bloody raid that annihilated the Texans in the Terran year 1092, after Giusseppe Texas decided to break free from Siracusa's control.[1]


Il Siracusano

At some point in Columbia, Danbrown is approached by two associates of the local famiglie, who asked about some Siracusans that came to the town today. He tells them that they were hanging arround in a bar across the street, and while they were walking away, he grabs a knife a cabinet and decides to attack them.[2]

Back in Volsinii, Judge Lavinia visits Danbrown to wash her car clean again. The two engage in a small chat where he compliments about her job and privileges, and Lavinia even recommended him to visit Teatro di Milano one day. However, this is interrupted by a phone call informing Lavinia that Ministro Carracci has been murdered, so she decides to leave quickly. Later that day, Danbrown visits Teatro di Milano following Lavinia's recommendation, but his behavior resulted rather annoying for the other audience members, and the manager had no option but to have him escorted out of the theather, with his ticket refunded. However, he manages to break free from the guards, and he's later called by Ben, who invites him to a cheap pizza parlor. Ben tells him about how La Morte di Texas is causing sensation, despite how is violating the rule of never mentioning a real Famiglia's name in a work of fiction.[3]

Lavinia then spots Danbrown inside the theater and decides to confront him, asking for what was he doing there.[4] Following Texas and Lappland's duel amidst the La Morte di Texas performance, and the assasination attempt of Giovanna Rossati, Danbrown confesses to Lavinia that he's actually a hitman of the Saluzzos, even taking part of the purge of Famiglia Texas seven years ago, and advises her to saty away from the mafia as soon as possible. He tried his best to relieve himself from the famiglia influence since then, but despite his efforts, he later found out they've been follwing him everywhere, eventually costing him his mental health and was forced to accept their orders again.[5] However, after Rubio revealed the grand plan schemed by Famiglia Bellone , he was ordered to silence him midway. Yet Rubio didn't show any resistance, and after telling Danbrown about how dissapointed he was with things in Siracusa, he proceeds to commit suicide [6]

These chains of events greatly took a toll on his psyche and decided to confront Alberto, eventually getting killed during the fight while the city core is in separation process. Ben then cleans up his body, but not before praising his and Rubio's effort in trying to to change Siracusa's famiglia for the better.[7]