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Phal is an NPC in Arknights. He is a minor supporting character in Episode 05 and briefly mentioned in Code of Brawl.


Phal, full name Lee Bo-faat or better known as Ah Faat, was a member of Hoshiguma's street gang in Lungmen who befriended her ten years ago. After Hoshiguma became an officer in the Lungmen Guard Department, Phal has been working as a bartender until he contracted Oripathy a year ago.[2]

Episode 05

Phal acted as an informant for the L.G.D. after the Reunion captured their headquarters. However, during his secret mission in the Muk Wo Warehouse, the Reunion noticed him and he was shot by several arrows. By the time he contacted Ch'en, he was already dying.[3]

Hoshiguma carrying Phal as his last wish to go to their old place

After the L.G.D. broke into the warehouse, Ch'en found out that he was suffering from severe bleeding and injuries caused by Arts. It was too late for Ch'en to rescue him. Before his last breath, Phal told her to take care of Hoshiguma and wondered that if he was a good citizen of Lungmen. At the same time, he requested Hoshiguma to bury him in the old hideout where her gang once stood.[4]

Code of Brawl

During the most recent Sauin festival, the Rat King and Uncle Tung paid a visit to Lungmen's graveyard. They also visited Phal's tomb even though they did not know who he was.[5]