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Kevin is an NPC in Arknights. He appears in Ethan's Operator Record, Old Friends in Foreign Places.


Kevin was one of Ethan's old friends who had been staying with him for a long time. Togther, they not only wandered around the wilderness, but also joined Reunion later on. After Ethan left Reunion, he became a member of the Yeti Squadron who acted as one of its Airborne Soldiers. He also learnt his ice-based Arts from the Yetis.

But fate played a joke with him. During the battle in Lungmen, his jetpack suddenly broke down and he fell into the garbage collector. By the time he was found by the slum-dwellers, it was already over. Since then, he chose to stay back using the pseudonym "Ah Hoi" and has been working as an ordinary soda seller.[1]


Ethan: Old Friends in Foreign Places

After the end of the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, Ethan got Kevin's information from Hoshiguma and decided to pay a vist for him. Kevin was totally unprepared of his arrival. He thought that Ethan was here to assassinate him. Trying to dismiss the misunderstanding, Ethan gave him the Oripathy medicine from Rhodes Island.

When Ethan was about to leave, Kevin told him to take care of himself, believing that this might be their last meeting. He also gave him some bottles of soda as a gift for their farewell. As for Ethan, he was happy to see his friend living an ordinary life in Lungmen.