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Steve is an NPC in Arknights. He's the antagonist of the Great Escape from Bunkerhill arc from Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey.


Not much is known about Steve other than being an agent of the Columbian Tax Bureau. For the last month, he has been investigating Big Bob and his brewery due to alleged tax evasion, as his employees haven't received their Infected healthcare plan payment.


Angelina: Sketches of This Messenger's Journey

Steve took Big Bob under the Tax Bureau's custody during the three days of investigation. When Angelina arrived to the Tax Bureau's office in Bunkerhill City to deliver a suitcase for Bob in behalf of the local Rhodes Island branch, Steve presented himself and ordered to confiscate it for the time being, despite Angelina's stating that they first needed a search warrant. Bob showed upfrom custody and told Steve to take the Messenger easy, claiming that the suitcase contained Oripathy medications.[1]

Steve admits that while there wasn't any evidence of tax evasion attributed to Big Bob, the amount of Infected individuals working at the Bigbo's Farm brewery since last month has been worrying, not to mention how none of them have received their insurance payment from Bob, despite Bunkerhill's laws stating that every company or private entity that employs Infected has to pay their respective health insurance taxes, and the brewery already owed money to the Tax Bureau multiple times. Bob explained that his workers are only freelancers without contract. Annoyed, Steve remarks that every Infected needs to pay their insurance, regardless of whether they're illegal residents, which Bob has also been employing. Steve then accuses Bob for using the Oripathy medications as a cover for money laundering, but then it's revealed that the suitcase was indeed carrying medical supplies, and a letter from Rhodes Island apologizing for the dead of one of his employees, Kent Johnston. After bob showed the contents of the briefcase, he also signed a shipping order with mysterious document from the Siestan City Council, and told Angelina to go deliver it to the brewery. However, Steve orders his employees to stop her, initiating a chase through the streets of Bunkerhill.[2]

Later that day, Steve personally escorted Bob to his brewery. During the ride, Steve asked Bob what was he trying to accomplish on Columbia considering the amount of Infected individuals working on his brewery, on which he replied with how he started to learn how things work on the country ever since he arrived, even if he has to sacrifice the individuality of some people, let alone Infected. He also plans to leave Columbia with his people once the dust is settled, given that he feels dissatisfied with how Columbia treats the Infected, and the work he's doing is simply a preparation for his moving to Siesta, hence the shipping order. It turns out Bob actually handed the ownership to Siesta, therefore neither the Tax Bureau nor the government has the right to interfere.

Before leaving, Steve reminds Bob that he's simply doing his job, and how they could've had a better relationship if it wasn't for his infection.[3]