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Nasti Lunorey is an NPC in Arknights. She's a supporting character in Lone Trail, and makes a cameo in Path of Life.


Nasti Lunorey has been the director of Rhine Lab's Engineering section since its establishment in 1092.[1] She is an expert in mechanical engineering, structural design, aerodynamics, and architecture. Born into a poor family in Kazdel, she worked as a mercenary and later as a construction worker. She grew weary of the internal conflicts and left her homeland before the civil war in 1086, settling in the pioneer settlements of Columbia. Her knowledge of architecture led her to make significant contributions to the pioneers, propelling her to become a rising star, a Sarkaz who holds a prominent position in Columbian academia.[2][3]

In the year 1096, Rhine Lab's Scientific Investigation section had detected a strange signal in the outskirts of Columbia but was unable to pinpoint its exact location. Using some special equipment provided by Nasti, the team was able to determine that the signal was coming from around 100 kilometers northwest of Trimounts and 3000 meters underground. After Rhine Lab acquired permits to excavate the site under the premise of a joint project, they discovered the Hall of Stasis hidden beneath.[4]

Soon after, Rhine Lab engaged with the Columbian Department of Defense with the Horizon Arc Project to construct a flying superweapon. As part of the project, Nasti and the R.L. Engineering section developed the S.H.A.F.T. and the H.A.M.H.R.R., which would be capable of charging and firing a massive energy beam. However, unbeknownst to the D.O.D., Nasti also constructed a secret lab that connected the S.H.A.F.T. and the Hall of Stasis. The lab served as a conduit to power the S.H.A.F.T. using the sarcophagi found in the Hall.

As a Sarkaz, Nasti is well aware of the endless tribulations that her race faces. She witnesses how the Sarkaz drift aimlessly through the wastelands with nowhere to call home. Part of what motivates her research is to alter the Sarkaz's tragic fate of homelessness by turning the sky as their truthful "Promised Land." As a result, Nasti has been actively pursuing her ultimate dream: the construction of a a highly advance floating city replicating Kazdel—the Uraniborg or the Empyreana Kazdellia. In order to seek Kristen's support for her dream, she agrees to help Kristen Wright with breaking the Starpod, as she believes that this dream could lie somewhere beyond Terra.

If one day, Kazdel too hangs from the firmament, then I'll engrave your name into my stoves.
—Nasti's farewell to Kristen[5]


Lone Trail

Nasti was one of the only people who was still in contact with Kristen Wright after the latter had disappeared from Rhine Lab. She assisted in the launch of the test platform, which later fell from the sky and crash-landed onto the Triton Factory in Trimounts.[6]

Nasti was also tasked with making sure that nobody interfered with Kristen's plans. As such, she cooperated with Ho'olheyak to defeat the Tin Man, whose investigation could compromise the mission. Using her ancient Banshee witchcraft, Nasti was able to disguise her spells as the sounds of regular machinery, inflicting a soul-imprisoning curse onto the Tin Man. Despite being gravely injured, the Tin Man is impressed with her abilities and seemingly relieved that a young Banshee like her was able to find a home in Columbia. Nasti questions if he knows where the Sarkaz's promised land is, but Ho'olheyak destroys his metal body before she can receive an answer.[7]

Along with Justin Fitzroy Jr., Nasti witnessed the Galleria Stellaria penetrating the Starpod, monitoring its progress. Following the project's conclusion, Nasti retained her position as Rhine's Engineering section director. After reviewing the results from the Galleria Stellaria's launch, she expressed a vague interest in researching nomadic cities that could fly in the sky.[8]

After the events of the "Trimounts Arc" incident, Nasti reluctantly participated in the investigation regarding her involvement with Kristen Wright and the Horizon Arc Project.

Path of Life

This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

Nasti, alongside the Rhine Lab Board of Directors, was about to hold a press meeting regarding her plans with Uraniborg. She receives a phone call from the Tin man, who has returned to Kazdel, where concludes that the Sarkaz' attitude towards her is no different as that with the rest of foreign nations, and how their full support to her plan could spell trouble. Before hanging, the Tin man ensures her that Maylander will discuss her plan, including the rebuilding of an improved Galleria Stellaria.

Nasti asks Muelsyse about whether Olivia Hermer will come, to which she replies that even though she´d like to invite her, she doesn´t have much free time. Nasti starts to worry about how the person who was supposed to speak in behalf of R.L. hasn't arrived yet. However, just when the press conference was about to start, Aegir's transmission is suddenly intercepted. At first, Nasti thinks it's just a prank from Ferdinand, but Muelsyse points out that even he was panicking.[9]