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Salvadore Texas is a background NPC in Arknights, whose legacy plays a key role in Il Siracusano.


Salvadore, who was considered a sentimental man by many, was Cellinia Texas' grandfather and the don of the now-defunct Famiglia Texas, which was well respected amongst the Siracusan famiglie due to his actions and perseverance, despite not being part of the Grey Hall. He was one of the many Siracusan immigrants that came to Columbia following its independence in 1019, taking part of the early pioneering efforts over the undeveloped land. Although the Texans rooted themselves in Columbia, eventually becoming the most powerful famiglia in the country, he never forgot about his homeland. While his relationship with his son, Giusseppe, was conflicted, Salvadore was particularly fond of Cellinia and even sent her to Siracusa so she could remember her roots. During this time, she was fostered by the Saluzzos.[1]

He was also the love interest of Vivienne Rossati, Donna of Famiglia Rossati, even though he murdered her father. Following this incident, Vivienne decided to leave him and move to another city, where she would marry another man and start a new life, yet she still remembered him up until her passing. At some point, Vivienne's son, who became the don of a certain family, entered in a disagreement with the Texans. Luckily, this was resolved peacefully by Vivienne, with the two parties becoming allies afterwards.[2]

However, tragedy struck seven years ago, in the Terran year 1092. Giusseppe, who wanted to declare the Texans' independence from Siracusa's famiglia system, would shoot him with a counterfeit Blacksteel gun he previously bought. Due to the explosion caused by the gunshot, Salvadore fell unconscious to the floor, and Giusseppe then stabbed him to death. In response to his treason, Signora Sicilia sent an elite team from each one of the Dodici Famiglie to raid the Texas mansion in Columbia, and the family's name was completely erased in one night. Giusseppe also lost his life in the purge, leaving Cellinia as the only survivor. Yet by that point, she already had enough of living a mafiosa's lifestyle. Indeed, she took the opportunity of setting the estate on fire and leave, wiping the slate clean.[3]