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Marcin is an NPC in Arknights who plays a story role in the Kazimierz Major Arc (Maria Nearl, Pinus Sylvestris, Near Light)


Marcin, formerly known as the "Tremoriron Knight," was a competitive knight of the Kazimierz Major. However, he lost his left arm by a Victorian competitor and eventually chose to retire. He believed that it was the mega-corporations behind the scenes that decided to get rid of him from the Major. Since then, the former knight becomes a bartender who runs a small bar named "Scarly Martin" in Kawalerielki. This is the place where he befriended the Nearl family, especially Zofia, Kowal and Vogelweide.

As his title suggested, Marcin has the ability to cast Originium Arts that could control and vibrate metallic objects.[1] Before losing his left arm, he was talented in using a war hammar.[2]


Maria Nearl

Marcin first appears in his bar where Maria was fixing Kowal's car. Just then, Zofia entered the bar by force and scolded Maria hard. This was where Marcin learnt that the young lady was entering the Kazimierz Major secretly in order to save the Nearl family. However, instead of stopping her, he believed it was good to let her try. At the same time, he also warned her of the danger of the Major through his prosthetic left arm.[3] After Maria defeated the Plastic Knight and passed the preliminary, Marcin was so excited that he held a party for Maria in his bar to celebrate her first victory.[4]

As Maria kept winning the matches triumphantly, Marcin's bar became more crowded thanks to her popularity. Some of the fans also paid a visit to the bar just to meet the former Tremoriron Knight and Zofia. Out of gratefulness, he even announced a discount to all customers at one time.[5] However, Marcin learnt from Szewczyk the Plastic Knight that Czarny and the General Chamber of Commerce were eying on Maria.[6] It turned out to be true after Czarny paid a visit to his bar to meet Maria.[7] Since then, Marcin began to worry for the the young girl. Especially after she defeated Tytus Topola, he began to search for help from Młynar but only received his rejection.[8]

On the day when Maria was supposed to have a 2-vs-2 match alongside Justyna the Fartooth Knight, Marcin read the newspaper and found out that the latter was both seriously injured and missing in action after being dragged into a brawl.[9][10] It turned out the Major had decided to use the Corrupted and Withered Knights to completely get rid of Maria. Trying to stop her, both Zofia and Marcin quickly rushed toward the stadium. But it was too late as Maria had already stepped into the arena and was seriously injured.[9] Just before the Sarkaz brothers were about to kill her, Mageret suddenly appeared and took them down in ease together with her sister. After the sisters and aunt had reunited, Marcin told Kowal and Vogelweide, who had just arrived here after Platinum let them in, to quickly help the ladies leave the place before the mass number of reporters and the fans could flood them.[11]

Near Light

Upon Margeret's return to her homeland, Marcin and his old friends cheered for her participation of the Major. He had the gang gathered inside his bar and held a small party for this moment. On the other hand, they were surpriesed to hear that Młynar was defeated by her in a duel. Marcin also learnt that Margert was allowed to take part in the Major only because she defeated him. When discussing about the potential harrassment by the Major's stakeholders, he somewhat agreed with Kowal's joke.[12]

However, the peace was broken when two mysterious visitors approached his bar. Firstly, there was Roy from the Union having his dinner leisurely. Marcin and his friend agreed that they must not disturb him even though he might be here to gain intel concerning the Nearl sisters. But the surprising part was the arrival of Tola, the Nigntmare Knight and one of the surviving true Nightzmora, in his bar to search for Margeret. Nevertheless, his arrival was met with immediate hostility as the gang saw him more of a mental person who was seeking fight. Being dissuaded, Tola left the bar with disappointment but proclaimed that he would find the Radiant Knight somehow.[2]

During Margeret's match with Viviana the Candle Knight, the Armorless Union had Maria kidnaped and broke into his bar in order to force Margeret surrender. Knowing their arrival from the very beginning, the three old men fought the assassins bravely. When the assassins were about to shoot out their arrows, Marcin used his Arts to break their crossbows' bowstrings. During the fight, Marcin joked that he should close his bar and no longer stay in Kawalerielki even though he had prepaid his rental for two years.[1]

On the day of the Major's final, the three old men were invited by Maria and Zofia to the arena to watch Margeret's match with the Blood Knight and cheer for her. Upon Margeret's victory, however, the trio were furious to see that Mob announced the Radiant's secret as a non-Infected, fearing that such action would provoke the Infected community. Marcin also recalled that Margeret's secret and exile were actually an arrangement by her late grandfater Cyril so that the Major's stakeholder would not harm her. From behind, the assissins of the Union lauched their attack onto the gang until Amiya and Shining, who just sat beside them somehow, warned them. As more and more assassins appeared to stop Margeret's march towards the Champion's Hall with Dikaiopolis, the old men volunteered to buy them some time in the arena by fending off the assassins' attack until they were safely guarded by the Silverlance Pegasi. They also protected the knights of Pinus Sylvestris from any harm by the Armorless Union while they were making their way for the Radiant and Blood Kinghts.[13]