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Picale Tulla is an NPC in Arknights. She is a supporting character of Operation Originium Dust.


Picale was born into the Reproba Tulla clan which possesses the Elderly bloodline. Unlike her cunning brother Drudge, she is a rather simple-minded person who could go hot-headed and stubbornly refuses to listen to others. On the other hand, Picale is also an honorable person who had won respect from the townsfolk. Since her father's death and her brother's departure, Picale became the successor of the Lord of Long Spring as well as the leader of its guard.


Operation Originium Dust

Picale and her men surrounding Watchtower 33.

Suspecting that Rhodes Island was responsible for the disaster of Long Spring, Picale ordered her men to secretly follow after them and surround Watchtower 33. Even though Rangers and Team Rainbow tried to prove their innocence with Miarow's witness, Picale stubbornly ordered R.I. to take the refugees and leave Long Spring because they already broke the Sargonian taboo of carrying weapons without permission.[1]

However, while she settled the townsfolk inside her father's mansion, she met ambush from the Originiutants and was knocked out by Drudge's super-sonic weapon.[1] By the time she woke up, she was already tied up by his mercenaries. Just before his evil brother was about to turn her into an Infected, Schwarz made a surprise attack and quickly rescued her. Together, the two fought against Drudge's monsters and mercenaries. To their dismay, the battle also costed Miarow's life in order to destroy the super-sonic weapon.[2]

After Miarow's funeral, Picale made an apology to Rhodes Island and Ash for her mistakes. She felt that she had disgraced her deceased father. Out of respect for Miarow, she used her Arts to etch a gold seal on his grave so that future generations may not forget him.[3]

Later on, Picale accepted Tachanka's plan to bait out the Originiutants using the Originium car engine. While Ash, Blitz and Schwarz were infiltrating the abandoned mine, she and the rest were dealing with the monsters sprawling out from the ground.[4] Luckily, the gang received extra support from Stormeye and crisis was able to end as soon as possible.[5]

In the aftermath, Picale decided to lead her townsfolk to rebuild Long Spring together. As an act of honor, Picale let Team Rainbow to choose their reward from her properties. Tachanka also got her permission to possess her father's armour. However, Ash believed that Picale should keep them, believing that she might need them for the rebuilding in the future.[6]