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My physique, my vitality, my disposition, my youth...I need only level it all, and everything...Everything will be as it was!
—Graf Edwin

Graf Edwin is an NPC in Arknights. He is a minor antagonist in Prelude Suite: Cadenza Virtuosa.


A once renowned Leithanian hero, Graf Edwin is a devoted supporter of the Twin Empresses, claiming to have been their most outstanding beneficiary. He answered their call to arms and led the people of Eidaum to revolt against the Witch King during the Septemberrevolution in 1077, hence his rise in prominence. However, as a noble so proud with his past, Edwin fell from grace due to his ego, selfishness, and fanaticism for the Empresses. He is also noted for his harsh treatment towards the Infected, using them as mere servants or laborers, never to be seen again once they're taken.


Prelude Suite: Cadenza Virtuosa

In 1092, when Arturia visited Leithanien to mourn her teacher's grave, Edwin showed up with the town's Gendarmerie guards and rounded Arturia and the Infected who were playing music in the town square. His intention was to use them to help him cross the river and investigate the ruins of the Witch King's Spire in Eidaum, as a lingering melody started to be heard from there. He also forced Arturia to join him on his mission, since her teacher was blacklisted due to his loyalty to the Witch King. His ultimate goal is to find a way to revert his age back to his glorious youth, and gain a favor from Liesellote and Hildegard.

After three days of traveling, Edwin finally finds the Spire ruins, and orders his guards to use the Infected as a fodder to cross the river, but Arturia decided to voluntarily go instead. However, Edwin became desperate after not hearing any of Arturia's melodies, so he decided to gather everyone and go to the ruins. After arriving, his guards were attacked by a mysterious black fog, caused by one of the Witch King's Arts Units that still lingered in the ruins. Surrounded, Edwin decided to attack the fog, and in the blink of an eye, he suddenly saw himself in front of the Empresses' Voice, who recognized his efforts and let him to see the Twin Empresses, who would let him grant a favor once again. But once he knew it, it was all an illusion.

It turns out that, contrary to what Edwin initially thought, this wasn't caused by Arturia's Arts, but rather the melodies of the Witch King that resonated with Edwin's deepest desire. The fog drove him mad and without knowing, he ended up killing his own guards. Scolded by Arturia for his selfishness, Edwin casted his Arts to attack Arturia, but it was ultimately useless against her. In the aftermath, and as the Empresses' Voice arrived to Eidaum, Edwin felt devastated, knowing that he turned into what he swore to destroy.[1]