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"Greatmouth" Mob is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in the Kazimierz Major trilogy (Maria Nearl, Pinus Sylvestris, Near Light) and The Rides to Lake Silberneherze.


Mob was born in the city of Ognisko, Kazimierz, but he left his hometown around twenty years ago.[1] He later went on to become one of the announcers and commentators in the Kazimierz Major. He is more well-known for his bizzard fashion style and his commentaries that heightens the match's tension, giving him the moniker "Greatmouth Mob."

As part of his job, of course, Mob also keeps advertising certain Major sponsors' products in a bizarre method and tends to side with certain knights on his commentaries.


Maria Nearl

Before Szewczyk's match with Maria, Mob had a conversation with him. He was impressive that Szewczyk kept pushing himself further even though he was already one of the top MPVs in his knightclub. The talk was later interrupted by Czarny's arrival in which the two formed a cooperation together.[2]

Later on, Mob had a private meeting with Czarny. He was surprised to see that Czarny was not only an executive for Mieszko Group, but also the speaker for the General Chamber of Commerce. Czarny also make Mob his man under a secret contract so that Mob will speak for his favor during the Major.[1]

Near Light

Mob was privileged to become the announcer for the official matches of the Major. While the audience loved his way of speaking, some were wary that he might offend others due to his uncontrolled mouth. They compared him with the previous announcer the "Bearded Cage" who went "disappeared“ after making fun of a Knight Primus during the Major.[3] Nevertheless, Mob was more careful in his speaking when commenting the matches, and he preferred to stick with his style of making bizarre advertisements. He even tried to keep silent when he noticed that the Infected audience were cheering for the Blood Knight's victory over Tola.[4]

On the Major's final, Mob was appointed to be its commenter. Mob was surprised by such decision, and Spokesman Malkiewicz praised him for doing a good job. In return, Malkiewicz promised that he would be rewarded a reasonable sum and he was allowed to bring his family settle in Kawalerielki. On the other hand, this came with one condition: he must announce the hidden secret of the Radiant Knight for being a non-Infected as part of the K.G.C.C.'s plan to humiliate her by the public.[5]

The Rides to Lake Silberneherze