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Edgar Everett Erikson (E.E. Erikson for short) is a background NPC in Arknights. He is first indirectly mentioned in So Long, Adele[1] and Neuleopold University Class Notifications, and he is the author of Terra: A Journey lore-wise.


E.E. Erikson is a famous Victorian scholar who had been traveling through Terra for twenty-three years, documenting the culture and history of many nations, organizations and races. He was born in Terran year 1005 in the small town of Mannigton, Victoria, were he spent his childhood days. At the age of 16, he moved to Londinium to study at the Victoria National University, earning a dual-degree in linguistics and history. Between 1025 and 1030, Erikson studied aboard in the William University in Gutenberg, Leithanien, where he obtained a doctorate in applied linguistics. However, he had to quickly leave the country at the dawn of the War of the Four Nations when Corsica I of Gaul declared war upon Leithanien.[2] Over the following decade, Erikson began traveling across the world, publishing a total of thirteen essays mainly based on social investigation and data analysis, later returning to Victoria in 1040 to work as a lecturer in the Victoria National University. In 1046, he published one of his first famous works, Political Philosophy and Sociocultural Spirit: A Comparative Study of Wasserland and Windermere,[3] as well as a personal collection of essays. The same year, he was awarded with the title of "professor".[2] In 1051, Erikson founded the National University's Department of Social Studies, and was elected as president of the institution a decade later. In 1065, he was awarded the title of "Academician" by the Royal Academy of Sciences, and began offering courses on "Comprehensive History of Terra" for the Victoria National University students. For the first time in history, the university's tradition on teaching purely local history was broken.[2]

Following the popular uprising against the Aslan King Henry Alistair Victoria in 1072, Londinium fell in a state of chaos and uncertainty. In order to protect his students, Erikson shifted his responsibilities to school management and political activities, so he could maintain the order of education and learning. In 1085, he retired with honors from the Victoria National University and resigned all teaching positions.[4][2] The following year, he began traveling across Terra once again, this time to compile information about various subjects, from Originium technology to anthropology and biology. During that time, he also met and interviewed various famous figures, including Pope Yvangelista XI of Laterano, Lord Picale Tulla of Ibut in Sargon, late Ursine writer Oleg Rublev, Councilor Angst of the Victorian Parliament, and Kal'tsit of Rhodes Island, who helped him double-check his research.

In 1097, Erikson finally chose to settle in Laterano with his wife, Suzanne, for his retirement. Two years later, he accomplished his decades-old writing and published his greatest work, Terra: A Journey, under the name of Mont-Blane Chestnut Basque Publication, with the main objective of "filling the gap of education and knowledge throughout Terra".[2] While aware about the lack of depth on certain unknown areas, he cherishes the book as his personal work.

Academic works

E.E. Erickson has produced various famous academic works used as references by many Terran sociologists and anthropologists which is provided in the following list:[5]

  • Erikson, E. (1040), Geographical and Chronological Comparisons of the Victorian-Gaulish-Leithanien Comparative Literature, Londinium
  • Erikson, E. (1041), An Overview on the Inconsistencies in the Tracing of Origins of Languages, Londinium.
  • Erikson, E., Lin, G., Pierre, J.M. (1042), A Study on the Secondary Victorian-Gaulish Translations of Yanese Literature, in the Case of 'All Men Are Brothers (Tianxia Jie Xiongdi),' Londinium.
  • Erikson, E. (1046), Political Philosophy and Sociocultural Spirit: A Comparative Study of Wasserland and Windermere, Londinium.
  • Erikson, E. (1050), Current Situation of the Victorian Minority Languages, Trimounts: Metropolitan.
    • Erikson, E. (1051), Interpretations and Complements to 'Current Situations of the Victorian Minority Languages, Trimounts: Metropolitan.
  • Erikson, E., Starostin, V. (1054), The Logic of War: Discourses and Politics of Ursus, Londinium: Royal Museum of Londinium.
  • Erikson, E., Goldman, S. (1056), On the Federal War Preparation Act, Trimounts: Maylander.
  • Erikson, E. (1060), On the Acquisition of Languages, Londinium.
  • Erikson, E. (1064), Stories: a Comparative Study of the Approaches of Communication, in the Case of Londinium, Londinium.
  • Erikson, E. (1071), Returning to Sargon: a Study on the Modern Lexical Evolution, Londinium.
  • Erikson, E. (1100), TERRA: A JOURNEY: Or, The Very First Book, Laterano: Mont-Blane Chestnut Basque.


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