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Arknights Terra Wiki is a public online encyclopedia, or wiki, dedicated to the tower defense game Arknights that can be edited by anyone.

While there are other public sources of information for Arknights out there, such as Gamepress and Aceship, none of them can be considered a wiki in a true sense, as they mostly focused on covering gameplay information. Therefore, the purpose of Arknights Terra Wiki is to present in-depth information regarding Arknights, from the coverage and analysis of the game's complex story into background details down to the the tiniest bit, something that other Arknights information sites mostly lacks, and puts us on the same level with the semi-official PRTS Wiki but differs in which we primarily caters to players in the Global server.

The Arknights Terra Wiki's humble origins can be traced back to the Arknights Fandom Wiki, founded by Kol.cressie on May 28, 2019 – not long after the game's original CN release. The Fandom Wiki has been looked down upon by the community due to it being seen as inferior than other Arknights information sites and not updated much, at least until Nikitazero noticed of its existence in April 2020 and starts contributing to the wiki by providing general improvements. In November 2020, Nikitazero was made into the Fandom Wiki's moderator and implements various changes that would make the Fandom Wiki a more reliable source of information especially after he became the head administrator and eventually bureaucrat in 2021, attracting more contributors that would become staff members such as Temperanze, Nagomiya (formerly ZewenRex), GeniusGD, and Shainel. In late September 2023, it was decided that the Arknights Fandom Wiki will be undergoing migration to the platform after Fandom's "issues" become more apparent and might eventually be detrimental for the wiki and the game's reputation itself. The migration takes about two weeks and went smoothly, and we decided to christen the new wiki as "Arknights Terra Wiki", after the world where Arknights takes place, to disassociate ourselves from the old Fandom Wiki which, unfortunately, remains there to comply with Fandom's policies but no longer actively updated – thus the Terra Wiki is no longer related with the Fandom Wiki in any way, and symbolizing our rebirth.

To ensure that our content does not stray too far from Arknights and remains in-line with the source material, the Arknights Terra Wiki have developed policies and guidelines and editors must be familiar with those before contributing to ensure consistency and that everything is up to standard.

The ever-expanding world of Terra and the game itself provides a rich drop of content and we hope that our information are helpful for everyone, be it newcomers or veterans.

All content on the Arknights Terra Wiki is under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license except for assets taken from the game files and promotional images such as banners, which are the copyright of Hypergryph Network Technology Co., Ltd. as the developer of Arknights and Shanghai Yostar Co., Ltd. as the publisher of Arknights Global.