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The Store's main menu

The Store is the in-game shop of Arknights where players can purchase various items with the in-game currencies or real money for some. It is run by Closure, who greets the player in the Recommended section which features high-value, recommended items.

Before spending real money on Arknights, please consider whether the money spent will be worth it or not; it is best to think it through for a time until one is sure to go with it. While it is commonly agreed Arknights is a fairly free-to-play friendly mobile game, it is just a game – nothing more than a bunch of pixels meant for entertainment. The rewards for spending money are purely virtual, and this wiki would recommend that you carefully consider your purchases and if you find yourself spending more than is reasonable, seek counsel.
This statement is not to influence the player's decision, but as a reminder that one should always be wise about spending money.


  • Items purchased with real money are priced in U.S. dollars with conversion from other currencies being done during the transaction through Google Play/iOS Store.