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Path to Glory medals related to the player's gameplay record.

Veteran's Medal I.png
Veteran's Medal I
Your decent performance has given you a good reputation.
Reach Level 50.
Veteran's Medal II.png
Veteran's Medal II
Your growth and improvement reflects well upon your reputation. One success is the starting point of your next success.
Reach Level 100.
Veteran's Medal III.png
Veteran's Medal III
Your reputation makes you stand out from the crowd.
Never stop growing, never stop exploring, never stop moving forward.

Reach Level 120.
100 Days of Decisiveness.png
"100 Days of Decisiveness"
A trimmed medal issued to commemorate the 100th day since your awakening.
Since the first day of your hundred days, you've never stopped fighting for us.

Awarded after 100 days from when the player started playing Arknights.
One Year of Tenacity.png
"One Year of Tenacity"
A trimmed medal issued to commemorate a full year of service.
The seasons change, but your mission has not changed, and your battles will continue.

Awarded after 365 days (~1 year) from when the player started playing Arknights.
A Lookback On Two Years.png
"A Lookback On Two Years"
An engraved medal issued to commemorate the 730th day since your awakening.
You have at least a moment of reprieve, but you know that a new battle is about to begin.

Awarded after 730 days (~2 years) from when the player started playing Arknights.
Three Years of Introspection.png
"Three Years of Introspection"
A trimmed medal issued to commemorate the 1095th day since your awakening.
For three years, you have carefully pondered the many challenges that faced Rhodes Island. You realized that beyond all those conundrums lay a brand new future.

Awarded after 1,095 days (~3 years) from when the player started playing Arknights.
Four Steadfast Years of Searching.png
"Four Steadfast Years of Searching"
An engraved medal issued to commemorate the 1460th day since your awakening.
For four years, you incessantly searched for answers, whether they lay in Rhodes Island, the depths of your mind, or amongst the myriad peoples of the land.

Awarded after 1,460 days (~4 years) from when the player started playing Arknights.

Liaison's Medal I.png
Liaison's Medal I
You've met some Operators for the first time.
Have 30 Operators.
Liaison's Medal II.png
Liaison's Medal II
You've developed a mutual understanding with quite a few Operators.
The growing group of Operators is sure to pose new challenges, but the benefit to Rhodes Island will be much greater in time.

Have 60 Operators.
Liaison's Medal III.png
Liaison's Medal III
You've brought together many Operators under the same banner.
Maintaining interpersonal relationships between such a large number of Operators requires immense dedication.

Have 90 Operators.
Liaison's Medal IV.png
Liaison's Medal IV
You've touched the hearts and minds of countless Operators, developing trusting relationships.
The Crown cannot win a war, and reins are unable to steer an army. What you need is not a scepter, but rather sincerity.

Have 130 Operators.
Liaison's Medal V.png
Liaison's Medal V
"You are attempting to build your own network of operators.
Columbia has already developed effective personnel management programs, but you still insist on sticking to the tried-and-true methods of meet-and-greet."

Have 160 Operators.
Liaison's Medal VI.png
Liaison's Medal VI
Your operator network is expanding.
Your operators wonder just how vast a network of relationships your energy and intellect can maintain.

Have 200 Operators.
NOTE: Since the Path to Glory system was implemented long after the game's release, the amount of recruitment the player have conducted before Path to Glory's implementation is not retroactively added to the recruitment count to achieve Recruiter's Medals' condition!
Recruiter's Medal I.png
Recruiter's Medal I
Your first time on the job.
Perform 30 recruitments.
Recruiter's Medal II.png
Recruiter's Medal II
You've developed your method of recruiting.
Perform 100 recruitments.
Recruiter's Medal III.png
Recruiter's Medal III
You've developed a keen eye for talent.
By starting with developing strong relationships, you've paved the way for many more people to become Operators.

Perform 300 recruitments.
Recruiter's Medal IV.png
Recruiter's Medal IV
Your ideas flow like a river.
The channels where intelligence and information flow are often rich beds of talent, many of whom possess the potential to become Operators.

Perform 500 recruitments.
Recruiter's Medal V.png
Recruiter's Medal V
The search for talent is of paramount importance to you.
Whereas other people find but sand in the desert, you will uncover secrets, wealth, and even new Operators.

Perform 1,000 recruitments.
Recruiter's Medal VI.png
Recruiter's Medal VI
You allow talent to thrive.
Through the headhunting services' intelligence reserves, you've set your eyes on many potential operators.

Perform 1,500 recruitments.
Recruiter's Medal VII.png
Recruiter's Medal VII
You cast a cursory glance at the resumes.
Headhunters are still providing talent, but you've already set your sights abroad.

Perform 2,000 recruitments.
Recruiter's Medal VIII.png
Recruiter's Medal VIII
Your recruiting work has been exemplary.
On your desk are piles upon piles of resumes, but one must be careful when choosing the right help. From the beginning to the end, you will follow through on your own principles.

Perform 2,500 recruitments.
Recruiter's Medals III and V also awards Vulcan and Indra Recruitment Voucher.png Vulcan and Indra Recruitment Voucher.