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Non-player characters (NPCs) are characters which cannot be controlled by the player.


Introduced in NPC(s)
Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 04
Episode 05
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08
Episode 09
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
[CN] Episode 14
Introduced in NPC(s)
Grani and the Knights' Treasure
Heart of Surging Flame
Code of Brawl
Twilight of Wolumonde
The Great Chief Returns
Maria Nearl
Mansfield Break
Who is Real
Operation Originium Dust
Dossoles Holiday
Near Light
Break the Ice
Invitation to Wine
Guide Ahead
Lingering Echoes
Ideal City
Dorothy's Vision
Il Siracusano
What the Firelight Casts
Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow
A Flurry to the Flame
Hortus de Escapismo
So Long, Adele
Come Catastrophes or Wakes of Vultures
Zwillingstürme im Herbst
[CN] The Rides to Lake Silberneherze
[CN] Here a People Sows
[CN] Operation Lucent Arrowhead



Beta characters


Prior to the beta version, an anonymous writer dubbed the Recorder had appeared in the official Weibo page whose created posts that laid the basis for the setting of the world of Arknights. They are known to be collaborating with both Rhodes Island and Penguin Logistics while giving some crucial information regarding Catastrophes and Originium.

Even after the game's official launch, the Recorder did not fully vanish from the public. They were the main subject of "The Record of the Recorder," the deciphered letter that teased Theresa in the first Arknights ARG campaign, and they were hinted to be the one who likely records Leizi's Archive files.

For the compilation of the Recorder's message in NGA, see here for more information (in Chinese).

CHO Shan

Cho Shan teaser beta.jpg

CHO San (朝山) was a mysterious woman who was supposed to be the mascot for Hypergryph's merchandise subsidiary CH.O 3 (now CHOEARTH). According to the older settings, she is the owner of both the CH.O 3 shop and the eponymous Inn in Lungmen. She is also teased to have connection with Wei Yenwu and is hinted to have a shady background.

Ever since the game's official launch, CHO Shan's role has been replaced by Miss Hypergryph and chibi Amiya, and her appearance has gradually diminished, turning her into an abandoned character.


Koshea image 1.jpg.webp

Koshea is a male Lupo named Renato Finril who was first teased in CRAVE, an Arknights doujinshi sold in Comic Market 95 (2018) that was published by 唯@W, the current Art Director of Hypergryph. According to his setting, he was a Siracusan ambassador who escaped from the Chernobog Crisis and was left stranded in Laterano while losing his past memories. After an unspecific incident that revoked his Siracusan citizenship and forced to be expelled from Laterano, he was later being transferred to Rhodes Island upon his recovery.

Along with his illustration by 唯@W, there was Koshea's message which was written in Morse codes that was later deciphered by the code-deciphering group GORIE. The message is given as followed (paragraph break and word correction included for reading clarity):

Koshea, whose hidden identity appears to be the former Siracusa(n) diplomat of Chernobyl (Chernobog)---Renato Finril---was seriously injured during the riots in the city, losing consciousness. When he awaked in Laterano, the man found himself lost all the memories. For unknown reasons, the ancient government of Siracusa denied his citizenship and refused the operator's request to return to his own country. However, Laterano (Lateran) executives seem to have a certain understanding of Koshea's true identity. As the result of a certain incident, the fully recovered operator was expelled from Rutland (Laterano).

The weapon he equipped since one's leaving, a heavy SASR, the donator of which left the secret message: "Dear Koshea, may it guard you on your way home." Credible record shows that Koshea doesn't have received any firearm training, not even a basic shooting course. Even though, it can be confirmed that the sensitivity of a Siracusa(n) and the decisive personality, with the man's negotiation ability developed during the period of been a diplomat officer, have greatly improved his viability and combat ability in various situations. There seems to be some interactions and conflicts between Koshea and Rhode(s) Island members in the execution of the mission.

"Dear Koshea, may it guard you on your way home."

Koshea is more or less an abandoned or a spin-off character because many of his background settings have greatly contradicted revealed lore in later events (i.e., Il Siracusano).