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Adams Schwire is a background NPC in Arknights. He's first mentioned in Swire's files, and makes a short apperance in her Operator Record, Day Before The Job, and So Long, Adele.


Adams Schwire was a Victorian nobleman and patriach of the Schwire family, one of the pillars of Lungmen's bustling economic activity. As a man with a tough spirit known for his exploits in the world of finance, Adams held the ownership of various different businesses across Victoria and Lungmen, and even predicted the inevitable end of Victoria's age of prosperity over four decades ago, hence taking the decision to move the Schiwre Group's headquarters to Lungmen. He aided Wei Yenwu's plan to rescue her grandaughter, Beatrix, who was kidnapped by terrorists twenty years ago. The rescue operation was a success, with the secret elite force responsible of carrying out the mission becoming the basis of the Lungmen Guard Department.[1] As time passed, Adams' delicate health condition started to worsen, being unable to make contact with Beatrix due to his sickness.[2] Furthermore, various of the businesses he owned in Victoria attempted to shake off from his control. Beatrix on the other hand wouldn't get involved with Adams' family business until the Terran year 1092, when the Schwire Group's Lungmen branch headquarters attempted to sell some of their properties from a certain dukedom in Northern Victoria. Although she managed to point out discrepancies in the real estate agent's report after getting her hands on data channels from the dukedom, the selling order came up to no avail, and such discrepancies were covered by the real estate agent.[3]

Prior to his passing in 1099, Adam wished to see Beatrix as soon as possible after she announced her emancipation from the Schwire Group, and the stablishment of Mountaincomm Trade alongside Bison in New Siesta. Despite Beatrix' decision, he was nevertheless looking foward on her new business venture. Indeed, Adams and Beatrix later reunited in the hospital ward, just a few months before her promotion as the L.G.D.'s new commissioner.[4]


So Long, Adele