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Siesta is a Terran nation. It is an independent city-state under the nominal jurisdiction of Columbia whose original location was close to Victoria. It is well-known for the scenery of its tropical beaches and is located near a volcano that holds a vast reserve of obsidian deposits.

The SIestan language is an amalgamation of Victorian, Columbian, and Iberian similar to Caribbean Spanish and Hawaiian Pidgin in our world, but has distinct grammars and accents even though both are mutually intelligible with each other.[2]


Located on a volcanic peninsula within the inland Sea of Clariside, Siesta, was founded by Columbian frontier pioneers fleeing from their homeland who wished to build business and political diplomacies with Iberia despite its isolationism, hence the name, which traslates to "Afternoon nap". Although this idea never got into fruition, the pioneers nevertheless chose to stablish their first home there. Through its history, both Victoria and Columbia were interested into annexing Siesta, but ultimately those proposals were turned down despite the economic stability and prosperity it could've brought [1] Later on, when Herman Doykos, the city's current mayor, came to power and wished to dedicate the city-state to his late wife's memory who was buried near the volcano, he pursues his goal to transform the city-state into his ideal paradise.[3] Under his administration, the previous inhabitants of Siesta, namely the Taraks, were forcibly persuaded to assimilate into Herman's vision of the peninsula as a tourist city.[4] Every year, the city attracts many visitors all around Terra, whether to enjoy the tropical seashores or to watch the annual Obsidian Festival where many famous musical artists participate.[5] At one time, Siesta also benefited from the obsidian ores from the volcano. The mining activity was motivated by the rumor that the mineral could cure Oripathy, even though it is already debunked by Rhodes Island and many scientists. Due to environmental concerns, Siesta outlawed obsidian mining around fifteen years ago, thus leading various businesses into bankruptcy.[5] However, under the oversight of Cronin, Siesta's Catastrophe Messenger, the already closed mines actually continues to operate illegally.[4] This caused a disruption to the habitat of the volcanic, obsidian-eating Originium Slugs. They were forced to burrow deeper towards the magma chamber in search for more food and the burrowing heightened the volcanic activities.[6]

By the end of the Obsidian Festival fiasco in July 1097, Herman had planned to relocate the citizens onto a newly built nomadic city, now called the "Nomadic Siesta," and let the volcano magma reclaim the land.[3][7] Its migrations came with its nominal integration under Columbian jurisdiction. Nevertheless, Siesta still retains its independence even though Columbia has the right to monitor its action, and Hermann often rebukes constant political interferences from the Union Congress.[1] Although the Federal Goverment encourages the Siestan Infected population to contract affordable insurrance plans, or join the Pioneering teams,[8] certain agencies like the Columbian Tax Bureau cannot sway control over the local businesses.[9]

Notable people

  • Barbara Doykos: A Victorian scholar who was Herman's wife. Although the Siestans were against Victoria's plans to annex them, she stood back and decided to protect the city on her on way, vowing for its development and the proper medical attention of the Infected workers who contracted Oripathy through obsidian mining.[10][11] She passed away after giving birth to her only daughter, Ceylon.
  • Beat Brown: A Siestan tycoon who was Pelipper Brown's father. He rose in prominence during Old Siesta's Obsidian Rush and was the owner of various mines. However, he would declare bankruptcy after the government banned the obsidian mining operations in Siesta. He passed away of Oripathy a couple of years ago, after his car's Originium engine broke down on his way to Columbia.[12]
  • Costa's grandfather: The previous owner of the Mockingbird Café, located in Old Siesta's Second Avenue. As a memento to his deceased wife, he decided to decorate the restaurant with her favorite flowers and bonsai trees, and play her favorite songs at the background. However, as he was getting too old to continue working, he passed down the family business to Costa, who would later leave in favor of a job position in the City Hall. He would eventually pass away due to sickness.[13][14]
  • Chuck
  • Tysha (Angelina manhua).png
    Tysha: Costa's fiancee and later wife.[15] A cheery Feline, she convinces Costa to join Vigna's improvised rock band for a music contest.[16]





  • Civic Square: A square in which a rock party and beer stalls are held during the festival. Siesta's City Hall is also located on this street[5]
  • Herman Hotel: A hotel on Second Avenue which is named after the mayor.[5]
  • Garrison Amusement Park: Having the largest stage in Siesta, this is where the biggest concerts of the Obsidian Festival are held. During the festival, the park is open 24/7.[5]


  • Ultramodern District: The heart of New Siesta. It was completed in two years from conception to investment, making it one of the fastest-built high-rise city plates in Terra. It houses various luxury restaurants, as well as three mega business complexes and a "volcanic style" municipal plaza built in collaboration of eleven different artists and architects.[2] The core skyscrappers and buildings are positioned in a way they ressemble a volcanic cone.
  • Seaside Fashion Street: Also known as Siestan Fashion Street or simply Fashion Street, a district conformed by some of the relocated stores and businesses from Old Siesta's Seaside Street, though not many people come to travel there. It is said that remodeling plans are being discussed.[2]
  • Obsidian Hot Springs Hotel: Owned by Pelipper Brown, it is a resort equipped with artificial hot springs, specifically engineered based on recompiled and analyzed data from various natural hot springs, delivered through the ecological stations. These hot springs, powered directly by the power layers, bring various beneficial effects such as including immune system boosting and muscle relaxation.[2]
  • Volcano Museum of Siesta: A volcanology museum and research center where Adele Keller works as a curator, built as per Herman's request a year ago. Considered the first museum on Terra to be completely dedicated to volcanoes thanks to Siesta's constant efforts on the field of volcanology, it also displays various research notes, photos, and salvaged pieces of equipment from the late Katia & Magna Naumann, as Keller intended the museum as a last memento to the couple's legacy. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 09:00 AM to 18:00 PM, and often prepares activities for the visitors.[2]
  • White Volcano: A restaurant owned by Harley and her son Enis which is named after a supposed natural phenomenon where Mount Siesta turns white.


  • Mount Siesta: A dormant volcano that began to be active after the illegal obsidian mining destabilizes the standard burrowing behavior of many Originium Slugs, including Pompeii.[6] According to a legend, the volcano turns white under certain climatic conditions, which is presumed to be simply due to heavy snowfall.