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A non-governmental military organization formed by persecuted Oripathy victims. They rebel against the non-Infected and their oppressive societies.
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The Reunion Movement, commonly known as Reunion, is the main antagonistic faction of the first part of the Arknights' Main Theme. It is a paramilitary social movement of the Infected which seeks to end all forms of discrimination and oppression by Terran society against them.

A radical Infected organization, Reunion rallies around the cause of Infected nationalism, rejecting racial and national identities. They aggressively push for acquisition and exploitation of Infected power. Reunion uses violence in their push for justice, having gone so far as to destroy an entire city. This led to the intervention of a pharmaceutical company called "Rhodes Island," the outcome of which is not yet clear.[1]


The Infected's plight is one of the factors which led to Reunion's rise

The origins of the Reunion Movement can be traced to the advent of Catastrophes in Terra, which lead to the proliferation of Originium and the Oripathy pandemic. Those who became Infected by Oripathy became marginalized members of society, as due to a widespread misconception exaggerated over the years and despite recent studies proving otherwise, the non-Infected fears that the Infected can spread Oripathy towards others. While some Infected attempted to find a peaceful solution, most notably Rhodes Island who sought to support the Infected through humanitarian and medical aid, not all Infected thinks the same; some believed that such is not enough and peaceful means have failed to completely end the Infected's misery. Instead, the Infected should form a solidarity between each other and resort to violent means so they could force the non-Infected to end the oppression they face.

Reunion fighters camping in an Ursine village

Reunion was founded by Talulah, who originally intended it to be a shelter for the persecuted Ursine Infected in the Northern Tundra. After Talulah struck an alliance with Patriot's Guerrillas and FrostNova's Yeti Squadron, it rapidly grew in a short span of time, eventually incorporating not only former Ursus soldiers and miners, but also Infected from other Terran countries into their ranks. At first, Reunion waged an armed insurgency primarily against the Ursus Empire for its poor treatment of the Infected, but it later became more active around Terra as a whole through pro-Infected protests and other forms of non-violent civil resistance.

The Reunion Movement assembled

The current Reunion was born after Talulah burned an Ursine village to the ground in retaliation for their killing of the Infected. The tragedy led her to guide Reunion towards a more militant route by propagating hatred towards non-Infected advocating for violent, radical methods of protest, such as riots, sabotage, and even acts of terror for the "Infected cause." As a consequence, the movement has been designated a terrorist organization by all Terran nations. In truth, Talulah was under the influence of Duke Kashchey of Ursus, who used her position as the leader of Reunion to steer them towards a "self-destructive path," seeing Reunion as the "perfect sacrifice" to further his grand scheme of "making Ursus great again."[2] While Reunion had become a puppet to fulfill Ursus' imperialistic ambitions, it was also used as a tool by Regent Theresis of Kazdel and the Military Commission to distract other nations from their mission of unifying the Sarkaz and restoring the genuine "Teekaz" through his sponsorship of mercenaries in the later half of 1096.[3][4]

After Kashchey's defeat at the climax of the Chernobog Crisis and Talulah's incarceration at R.I., Reunion was weakened to a point that they are no longer a major threat, though the atrocities they committed continued to cast a shadow over Terra. However, Nine managed to reunite the scattered remnants of Reunion and reforms the organization with a new goal: rallying the Infected everywhere they could find so they could forge their own path. Currently, their eyes are set on Victoria as they intend to answer the call for help from the Infected workers in Londinium.

Notable members

Reunion's high-ranking members watching the devastation of Chernobog
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Mephisto icon.png
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  • Big Bob left Reunion prior to the events of Grani and the Knights' Treasure.
  • Crownslayer left Reunion at the end of Episode 08.
  • FrostNova defected to Rhodes Island before her death near the end of Episode 06 and was made its posthumous member at the end of Episode 08.
  • Guard was a former member of R.I. before his defection to Reunion in Episode 07. He later dies in an Originium explosion after saving a group of Infected civilians holed up in a shack in Episode 13.
  • Kevin deserted from Reunion after suffering an "accident" during the events of Episode 05.
  • Mephisto is taken under R.I.'s care after the events of Episode 08, but his ultimate fate remains unknown as of Episode 09.
  • Nine is the leader of Reunion as of Episode 09.
  • Nowell decided to leave Reunion as of Episode 13.
  • Talulah is the leader of Reunion up until she was taken into the R.I. custody near the end of Episode 08. She was later freed by a team led by Nine.
  • Hoederer, Ines, and W were mercenaries send by the Military Commission of Kazdel to temporarily aid Reunion.


Airborne Soldier
Airborne Soldier Leader
Dual Swordsman
Dual Swordsman Leader
Light-Armored Soldier
Light-Armored Soldier Leader
Wraith Leader
Rioter Leader
Shielded Soldier
Shielded Soldier Leader
Veteran Junkman
Arts Guard
Arts Guard Leader
Bladed Fighter
Bladed Fighter Leader
Spec Ops Soldier
Breaker Leader
Crossbowman Leader
Caster Leader
Mortar Gunner
Mortar Gunner Leader
Cocktail Thrower
Firebomb Thrower
Spec Ops Caster
Spec Ops Caster Leader
Invisible Crossbowman
Invisible Crossbowman Leader
Invisible Caster
Invisible Caster Leader
Monster Mk II
Arts Master A1
Hound Pro
Rabid Hound Pro
Technical Scout
Heavy Defender
Heavy Defender Leader
Heavy Defender Lieutenant
Hateful Avenger
Veteran Logger
Veteran Butcher
Armed Militant
Senior Armed Militant
Defense Crusher
Defense Crusher Leader
Demolitionist Leader
Senior Caster
Senior Caster Leader
Shielded Senior Caster
Arts Master A2
Sarkaz Greatswordsman
Sarkaz Greatswordsman Leader
Sarkaz Crossbowman
Sarkaz Crossbowman Leader
Sarkaz Caster
Sarkaz Caster Leader
Mercenary Sarkaz Fighter
Mercenary Sarkaz Caster
Big Bob
Big Adam
"Hateful Avenger"
Sarkaz Centurion
Talulah, the Fighter


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