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Patriot is an NPC in Arknights. He briefly appears in Act initium of the Main Theme and is one of the antagonists in Episode 07 of Act I.


"The son of Hor-Tekrz, traitor to Sarkaz and disreputable end of the bloodline, will be executed by the Lord of Sarkaz."
—A Kazdelian Sarkaz prophecy[2]

Born Buldrokkas'tee, Patriot is not only the strongest leader of Reunion, but also he is the last pure-blooded Wendigo Sarkaz in Terra. Thanks to his unique racial traits, he possesses superhuman strength, durability and vitality. His bloodline also allows him to perform ancient Sarkaz "cannibalism"/"witchcraft" rituals maintained by Originium Altars (or even his own body) that could boost his capabilities and devastate his enemies. He is both a brilliant military strategist who leads a guerrilla force of the armoured Shieldguards and a fearsome warrior armed with a bulky armour, a heavy shield and a giant halberd. On the other hand, he also suffers from severe Oripathy. Even though it could give him the power to regenerate and heal his wounds, it often makes his health deteriorate, such as giving him a crystalized larynx that makes it hard for him to speak[3] and losing his scalp, leading to the exposure of his skull.[4]

Patriot has an ancient origin spanning more than 200 years. He is the descendant of Hor-Tekrz, a traitor of Kazdel who was cursed to be killed in the future. According to this prophecy, he as the last Wendigo will be killed by the hands of a "Lord of Fiends," the legendary Sarkaz monarch who will bring an end of the world to Terra.[2] Despite the curse, Patriot was a loyal supporter of Theresa whom he sees as a saviour who could end the Sarkaz's suffering. He even remains faithful to her even after Theresa's death in the year 1094 that led to Babel's fall. Years of endless fighting and the ravaging civil wars in Kazdel caused the weary Patriot to leave his native homeland. He wished to start a new life in the Ursus Empire where his distant kin and relatives survive.[5]

During his stay in Ursus, he had been fighting for the empire's interest and earns good reputation. He participated in wars against Kazimierz, Laterano, and Victoria. He also joined his kin to fend off the Collapsals of the frigid Northland.[5] In turn, Patriot built a cozy family by marrying Helen and having a son name Grrovae'zzeal who would become a scholar studying the Wendigos. He also befriended Hellagur the Hippogryph general and fought together in numerous battles such as the "Daybreak over the Golden Prairie." Eventually, he had become a die-hard patriot and a loyal servant of Emperor Vladimir Ivanovich, earning him his title and his character that he still carries today.

Sadly, his prosperity and serenity were also short-lived. Helen passed away in a young age long before Grrovae'zzeal could speak. Out of his loyalty for her, he refused to remarry and even perform the Wendigos' tradition of cannibalism. As a loving father, Patriot took care his son a lot, but as he matured, the two often held conflicting ideologies. Grrovae'zzeal, a supporter of the Infected, had been opposing his father for blindly serving the tyrannic empire.[6] Following the death of Emperor Vladimir, Patriot had been doubting his servitude to the empire. He even accidentally contacted Oripathy in his last battle and hid his medical condition from anyone except his subordinates and his son.

During the Great Rebellion, Patriot led his soldiers to quell the militarist aristocrats under the wing of the loyalists. Without his awareness, Grrovae'zzeal actually led an Infected uprising against both factions. The uprising eventually turned into a bloodshed conducted by the loyalists' forces. By the time Patriot himself arrived, his son was already executed for treason. Grrovae'zzeal's death left a deep scar in Patriot's heart in which he still blames himself for the tragedy. He also deserted the Imperial Army out of disappointment for his beloved motherland.[7]

Talulah convincing Patriot and FrostNova of forming an alliance

Patriot led his men to the Northern Tundra following his desertion to form his own guerrilla. He re-interpreted his patriotism as liberating the Infected from Ursus's tyranny and plotted to start an insurgency against the empire. Unlike other forces, Patriots' men were well-disciplined fighters who would not harm the innocents. He also liberated the oppressed from the harsh labour camps, and it was during this moment he rescued young Yelena, a.k.a., FrostNova, whom he would treat as his beloved adopted daughter. Gradually, Patriot's guerrilla, together with FrostNova's Yeti Squadron, had become heroes for the Infected in the harsh tundra and opponents of the Ursine tyrants, earning them the title "the Aegis of the Infected."[7]

The reputation of Patriot's guerrilla eventually attracted Talulah's proto-Reunion Movement. She wished to incorporate both the Yetis and his guerrilla into Reunion to defend themselves from the patrolmen's harassment. She also needs them to accomplish her goal of liberating all the Infected across Terra. However, Patriot baffled such idea, thinking that it is too impossible. Only when the guerrilla started to face more pressure from the Ursine authorities did the two factions merge together.[8] Even then, Patriot often held different opinions with Talulah due to his stubborn conservatism. He dismissed Talulah's idealism, was sick to see Reunion's lenient treatment on deserters, and insisted to prioritize on overthrowing the imperial government. Luckily, with FrostNova being the middlewoman between the two factions, the alliance was nevertheless a success. He even started to see Talulah's positive side and acknowledged her bravery.[9]

Patriot protecting Talulah from the Emperor's Blades

Following series of tragedies starting from Alina's death, Patriot noticed her dramatic changed character. The increasing patrolmen also forced his guerrilla to be more alert. On one occasion, Patriot even encountered the Emperor's Blades, the notorious Ursine supersoldiers, and fended them from annihilating Reunion. From the Blades' words, he learnt about Talulah's noble origin and her status as the heir of the Duke of Kashchey. Even though Patriot ordered everyone to keep this as a secret, it was too late as many started to doubt Talulah's true intention. All these caused Patriot to be wary of Reunion starting to go astray.[10]

Patriot's prediction was correct after Talulah furious massacred an anti-Infected village. Seeing that Reunion had fallen into darkness, he once plotted to kill Talulah before it was too late. However, FrostNova convinced him to spare her for the time being, believing that they have no right to judge her. In the meantime, he does not have the option of leaving Reunion; without him, the whole organization will surely crumble from within, and the hope of a salvation for the Infected will be shattered. As a matter of fact, he could only see Reunion growing more radical and violent in a desperate manner while bitterly bearing the burdens. He is the last holding of Reunion's conscience.


Darknights Memoir

Patriot encounters W, Ines, and Hoederer in the Ursine outskirts. Feeling curious about his people, despite no longer pledging his loyalty to Kazdel, he asked W about how many things happened back there, on which she comments that even if she answered, everything is just a matter of the past for her. Patriot then responded that he couldn't do anything to return to Kazdel, yet he was still another Sarkaz, even if he was loyal to Ursus. After pointing out his loyalty, and how W was on Theresa's side, he asked what happened to the Kazdel she once reigned.[11]

Operational Intelligence

At some point during the fall of Chernobog, Patriot encounters Hellagur, who notes that he has changed a lot. Despite being on opposing sides, the two remain on good terms while having a chat and drinking together. Patriot offers to punish the perpetrators that destroys Hellagur's clinic and invites him to join Reunion, but Hellagur declines. He explains that he disagrees with Reunion's violent methods and is planning to head to Rhodes Island. Although Patriot is disappointed by his decision, he agrees that the two are fighting for the sake of the Infected. In the end, he makes a vow that he will never make Hellagur his enemy and harm him. He then orders his men to escort Hellagur out of the city safely as they part ways.[12]

After Hellagur's departure, Patriot notices Guard hiding nearby and gives him two options: either escape from Chernobog at nightfall or remain and help those in need. Guard ultimately chooses the latter and stays with Patriot and his forces out his admiration for his leadership until his reunion with R.I. much later.[12]

Episode 04

Patriot reaches FrostNova's side after she is exhausted by her engagment with Rhodes Island. He warns her about her worsening health and reminds her not to overexert herself. He also notes that R.I. is worth praising for its tenacity after watching the battle from afar.[13]

Episode 07

Following W's failed attempt to assassinate Talulah, Patriot quickly reaches Talulah's side for aid. He also requests her for any order. In turn, she entrusts him the other key for the city's undergroud system and orders him to defend the city for the sake of his commitment. After leaving the tower, Patriot notices that his Sarkaz talisman linked with FrostNova has broken. He regrets that he could not do much to save his dying daugther.[14]

Patriot becomes the target of R.I.'s infiltration team in order to stop the rampaging city from its collision onto Lungmen. Upon meeting Kal'tsit, he immediately recognizes her as his acquaintance in Kazdel centuries ago and orders his men to stand down. Patriot then tells her his regret of leaving Kazdel without the two stopping him, his inability to save his monarch when he "sensed" Theresa's death three years ago, and his foolishness to stand by watching Reunion going astray. Kal'tsit then convinces him together with Amiya and the Doctor to stop the fight and join together to overthrow Talulah. Patriot refuses, stating that Reunion still needs him as their last hope. He also points to Amiya and the Doctor that the two are responsible for FrostNova's death, and he is still angry for that despite not seeking vengeance. In the end, he challenges R.I. to defeat him. If R.I. fails, he will annihilate everyone and then uses its name to kill Talulah. Seeing no way to change Patriot's stubborn, indomitable will, Kal'tsit commands the R.I. force to fight against the last Wendigo. Patriot too makes his vow:[5]

Rhodes Island, I advance.

The ensuing battle is brutal. True to his racial bloodline, Patriot is so formidable that even Amiya, Kal'tsit, and Rosmontis have trouble taking him down. Amiya tries to persuade him to accept his fate, but he rebuffs it as he recalls his tragic past that led to the end of his family. Rosmontis then breaks his halberd and shield, giving an opening for Amiya to wound him with her Arts. Meanwhile, his body has reached his limit as Originium starts to take over his body. In the end, the dying Patriot accepts his loss and entrusts R.I. the mission to stop Talulah. Before his last breath, he gives R.I. the key to stop the city's underground system, request Kal'tsit for the last time to help him carry his legacy as the last Wendigo, and gives his final order to the guerrillas: to continue fighting for what they believe in.[6]

The last Wendigo taking his final stand against Amiya, the future Lord of Fiends

As Patriot embraces his impending death, Amiya comforts him by using her psychic power. In his near-death experience, Patriot suddenly senses such power, something that only belongs to the legendary Lord of Fiends. He realizes that Amiya is Theresa's successor and the next Lord of Fiends. He remembers the ancient prophecy about the Lord killing him as the last Wendigo. Furiously, Patriot defuses her power with his final strength. Even though Amiya says that she doesn't want him to die in sorrow and pain, he stubbornly refuses to believe her. He performs his final Sarkaz witchcraft rite and declares the prophecy:[6]

I see cities, devastated.
I see Originium, blanketing the land.
I see you, black crown on your head, melting millions of lives, into nothing but memories.
I see the, King of Sarkaz, enslaving all peoples, everywhere.
—Patriot's prophecy

Patriot then charges toward Amiya as his last advance, attempting to kill the Lord of Fiends. Not even Rosmontis and Mon3tr can stop him. On the other hand, Amiya remains unfazed by the Wendigo. Just then, Patriot suddenly halts and and stands motionlessly – mortally injured by his Oripathy that covers over 60% of his body. The last Wendigo freezes forever in front of the young Lord, finally ending his centuries-old misery.[6]


I have seen. Woe and tragedy.
I have seen. Death and carnage.
I have seen. Neglect and blasphemy.
But someone once told me. It is all in our hands. If in the future, this is all that awaits us...
O, little King of Sarkaz. It is all in our hands.
If this is fate... Then I reject it.
—Patriot to Amiya
"My Lord... Where will you go?"

It turns out that Patriot could have finished Amiya off in his last advance. However, he senses that Amiya might not be as malevolent as the prophecy says. She is worthy enough to be Theresa's successor as a savior instead of a destroyer. In the end, he chooses to spare her as his final act of rejecting fate itself. Amiya realizes this as she reads Patriot's emotions on his death throes, and she vows to end this war against Reunion for his sake.[15]

The death of Patriot is the turning point of the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis. Patriot's guerrillas eventually sides with R.I. in order to take down Talulah. As news about Patriot's death spreads across the city, some Reunion fighters choose to betray Talulah for his honor. On the other hand, others refuse to believe it with few even denying it outright. Infighting ensues between the factions, providing opportunity for the Ursus Third Army to infiltrate the city and carry out Kashchey's plan.[15] Patriot's demise would have repercussions that would eventually bring an end to the Reunion Movement and the crisis.

Hellagur is not surprised of the death of his comrade. Instead, he already know this will happen somehow and predicts that he will be the final obstacle of R.I. In his opinion, the reason for his fall is because Patriot stubbornly carries the burden alone as Reunion's only symbol, making him its greatness weakness. On the other hand, he still pays respect for his comrade by remembering him as a true warrior.[16]