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Malkiewicz is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in the Kazimierz Major trilogy (Maria Nearl, Pinus Sylvestris, and Near Light).


Malkiewicz is a Kazimierzian salaryman (i.e. white-collar worker) who used to run a small company until it went into bankruptcy due to managerial issues. After his business failure, he was employed by the Słoma Food Corporation as a liaison between the company along with others part of the General Chamber of Commerce and the Knights Association.

Unlike other Kazimierzian corporates who were seen as manipulative, Malkiewicz is a good and honest person with some anxiety. Even after becoming the spokesman for the K.G.C.C., he wishes to use all he could to reform the country.


Maria Nearl

After Maria's victory against Szewczyk, Malkiewicz visited Marcin's bar to meet Maria. He introduced himself as a representative of Słoma and asked her whether she is interested to join the Eszeweria Knightclub sponsored by Słoma – whose CEO had been interested in her since the previous match – and MARTHE. However, Maria politely declined his offer for she did not want to tarnish the honor of the Nearl family. Malkiewicz then tried to persuade her with other alternative proposals from the Kazimierz General Chamber of Commerce, but she still refused them all, leaving him in awe before leaving.[1]

Later on, when Maria won the Fireblade Melee match, Malkiewicz visited the Nearls' residence where he is welcomed by Zofia. Despite the harsh reception from the Whislash Knight, Malkiewicz went on to inform her of a scheme by the Chamber against Maria as a "repayment" for her kindness. His words arouses Zofia's concern.[2]

During the battle between Maria and Tytus Topola, Malkiewicz received words from the latter's sponsors who wanted him to end the match quickly.[3] Under Czarny's orders, Malkiewicz busily handled the backlash with Tytus' sponsors in the aftermath.[4]

During the rigged match where Maria was forced to fight the Corrupted and Withered Knight, Malkiewicz informed Czarny of an unidentified person "crashing" in the arena where the match took place. The two rushed to the arena and found out that it was Margaret Nearl, the Radiant Knight, who had returned to her homeland. Then, Malkiewicz passed on a new message from the Chamber to Czarny which prompted him to leave. Before that, Czarny ordered him to stay in the room and left his cellphone to him.[5]

Malkiewicz answered a call to Czarny's cellphone from the K.G.C.C.'s representatives – one of which is the CEO of Słoma herself. To his disbelief, they informed him that from the day onwards, he would be Czarny's successor as the spokesman of the National Council. Upon ending the call, Malkiewicz was stunned in disbelief until Platinum visited him right after. The two had a discussion where Malkiewicz, who tried to adjust to his new position, was informed by Platinum to watch out for the rogue Pinus Sylvestris.[6]

Pinus Sylvestris

On the day he became the spokesman of the K.G.C.C., Malkiewicz received an overall change in appearance through his new white coat and a combed hair. Still, he was uncomfortable with the official paperwork's, meetings among the ruling class and the luxurious costume he wore. When he noticed that his assistance was his former colleague in Słoma, the two chatted about the time when they failed to get Pinus Sylvestris join the Knights Association. Malkiewicz also mentioned that he could not believe everything around him as his was still in a dream. He hoped that someone could take his place as a spokesman, but the assistant pointed out there is no mere luck for the others and he has no option to reject the responsibility.[7]

Back in his office, another worker had a talk with him about the meeting he had with the K.G.C.C. When he passed Malkiewicz a cup of wine, he accidentally spilt it which tainted his coat. Although the worker persuaded him to have it changed, Malkiewicz refused. Malkiewicz then lamented that even though he did not want to be an important figure, he is now unable to remove the "coat" he is wearing.[7]

Near Light

Now being the spokesman, Malkiewicz had to deal with a lot of issues in the Major together with Spokesman McKee. Seeing him being down and nervous during the open ceremony at the Champion's Hall, McKee encouraged him and told him to relax. In the meantime, McKee took the opportunity to introduce Viviana the Candle Knight to him.[8]

However, things did not get well as he expected, and it gradually became a sinister plot. Firstly, he was informed by the K.G.C.C. to deal with the Infected issues in Area 0. Upon hearing words from McKee, he was shocked to see that the K.G.C.C. was planning to purge the underground community, but he could not do much.[9] When Olmer Ingra murdered an Infected knight during the competition, Malkiewicz went to the National Council to sue him out of conscience. A call from the Council informed him that they were considering his words and would take action on Olmer, but he had to agree to have Czarny die for knowing too much secrets within the Council and the K.G.C.C.[10] Days later, when he heard that Olmer was allowed to return for not violating the rule, he decided to pick up another call and agreed the condition after struggling with himself. With that said, the Council promised that Olmer will be banished from the Major forever, but at the same time, he warned the person in the phone that he would not be a sitting duck since he now has the authority to mobilize the Armorless Union. The incident made him realize that power is really a useful tool that could make a person thirst for it.[11]

As part of the humanitarian aid corporation between Rhodes Island and the K.G.C.C., Malkiewicz personally went to R.I.'s base as a representative and befriended the Doctor. However, the two had different ideologies on the Infected issues even though Malkiewicz tried his best to deal with it peacefully. The next morning after the second Kawalerielki Separation, the two discussed about the complicated issues concerning Area 0 and the purge done by the K.G.C.C. Even though Malkiewicz pitied them, he believed that the purge might be necessary to suppress potential Oripathy threat. He also pointed out that Olmer's murder, Margaret's sudden appearance in the Major, and the Blood Knight would only give the Infected the opportunity to start a bloody rebellion against the innocent. In the end, he wished that his relationship with the Doctor won't be severed and told them to think calmly before it was too late.[12]

During Margaret's and Dikailopolis' historical march towards the Champion's Hall, Malkiewicz ordered the Armorless Union to stop them before they would become a target by the K.G.C.C. However, it was futile as the two were nearly unstoppable due to the aid from the Adeptus Sprawiedliwi. In the meantime, he received a letter from the Doctor. Out of defeat, he lamented that he did not have the face to reply them before R.I.'s departure from the capital.[13]

In the aftermath, McKee brought the telephone to Malkiewicz to determine his fate. Surprisingly, not only he was admired by the speaker in the phone, Kain, for his marvelous skills in administration, but also he was invited to join Rose Papers Union in order to counteract Columbia's expansionism. Meanwhile, Malkiewicz learnt from Kain that Czarny's exile was not because of the Radiant Knight incident but because of a series of corruption he was involved in.[14]

Since the end of the Major, Malkiewicz resigned from his position as the spokesman and is currently the chairman assistant for the Rose Papers Union. He had the privilege to work together with Nearl to resolve the Infected issue in Kawalerielki.[15]