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Eurill Pides is an NPC in Arknights. He is a supporting character in various events such as Code of Brawl, So Long, Adele, and A Streetcar Named Faith, part of Beyond Here. He's also one of the main characters of Harmony in Difference, part of To Be Continued.


Born in Minos, Eurill started out as a Messenger who travelled around Terra until his emigration to Lungmen. There, he founded the MountainDash Logistics that would become one of the largest Messenger companies in Terra in the future. Through his courier service business, he holds a near-monopoly on delivery services in the nomadic city. At the same time, Eurill befriended Lungmen's chief executive Wei Yenwu, the godfather of Lungmen's criminal underworld Rat King, and the CEO of Penguin Logistics, Emperor.

Eurill has a son named Bison and has been raising his up since the day his wife was sent to Rim Billiton for medical treatment. Altough Bison is currently working there as a Messenger, Eurill eventually grooms Bison to inherit MDL in the future.[1]


Code of Brawl

Under the disguise of a partnership agreement between MDL and P.L., Eurill sent Bison to be the latter's temporary member. However, Bison was somehow dragged into a rather funny stand-off between P.L., the Siracusan mafiosi and the Rat King. It turned that all the events during the Sauin festival was a "final test" for his son, with Eurill watching from behind the scenes.

Eurill himself appeared in the aftermath of the "Sauin gag" in Emperor's "The Ends of the Earth" bar. Trying to calming down the penguin rapper who was angry for the mess, he told him that MDL would cover all of the expenses. Later on, Eurill and the other three of Lungmen's "four dragons" to have a drink. He apologized the Rat King for having his butler to shoot him. Fearing that the remaining Siracusan mafiasos will chase after P.L., he accepted Wei's demand to keep Bison away from the city for the time being. Meanwhile, the four were planning invest in a grand project which, if succeeded, would set new standards for Terra's logistics industry.[2]

Beyond Here

MountainDash Logistics had also established business relationship with Landen Monastery. In order to have a business talk with him, Hildegard travelled all the way from Laterano to Lungmen and met him at Emperor's "The Ends of the Earth" bar. He was impressive by the cleric's business stratergies. When Hildegard asked why MDL chose to cooperate with Landen, he explained that logistic companies are hard to establish their bases in foreign nations. At the same time, this is only way to mantain contact with Laterano in this Catastrophe-ridden land. He even had a dream to expand his business across Terra so that every race and nation will be connected wit each others.

Before Hildegard's departure, Eurill asked her that whether their business project will be accepted by others, especially for Laterano. In return, she reaffirmed that Laterano will choose to respect any thing before the results. He also told her that he will bring his son to Laterano one day to master his talent as a Messenger. Under Emperor's recommendation, Eurill introduced Rhodes Island to Hildegard so that she may join the company to further her business goal.