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Eblana Dublinn is an NPC in Arknights. She is one of the major antagonists in Act II of the Main Theme, including What the Firelight Casts.


Along with her twin[1] sister Loughshinny, Eblana was born in County Oak Grove to the house of Dublinn, the Draco founding families of Tara and the direct descendant of the Gaeilic Kings.[2][3] For a long time, the family lived in peace in the remote county to avoid the bloody Victorian royal feud. However, on a particular Christmas night, her parents were murdered by Aslan assassins who purged the County as a whole in hopes of eliminating the remaining Draco nobility.[3] In return, Eblana responded by killing the assassins with her flames, leaving only her and her sister behind. The girls ran away, searching for a place to stay throughout Victoria, while Eblana killed those who refused to help them.[4][5]

Thanks to their royal bloodline, they were adopted by a Taran nationalistic aristocrat. The Earl of Warwick found and raised the twin sisters, a pro-Taran activist who sought to use the Tara-Victoria conflict to mobilize the Tarans into separatism. But the ambitious Draco had visions far beyond just becoming Warwick's puppet; by the time the sisters matured, she secretly murdered their teacher, dismissing his ambitions as nothing but a short-lived fantasy. She's aware that with his death, the Tarans would lose their leader and protector, continue to be oppressed by the Victorians, accelerating their unrest until she took the reins and made a bid for Taran independence. In spite of her betrayal, her teacher proudly approved of her choice before passing away, seeing that she would continue his legacy even after his death.[2]

In the year 1091, Eblana went on to find the Dublinn armed forces, with her sister acting as her body double and "shadow" at her behest.[4] She has no desire for the Victorian throne but solely strives to achieve independence for Tara, allowing the oppressed Tarans to take control of their own fates by violently overthrowing their Victorian overlords. She sought support from the influential Duke of Wellington, a Grand Duke with Taran lineage, to rally both the Tarans and Victorians who sympathize with their mistreatment. Nevertheless, as a power-hungry person, Eblana cares less about Dublinn's or Taran's ideology, but rather uses any means to attain her goal of Taran independence.[2] She can also be callous towards the everyday troubles of the very Tarans she is trying to save, seeing it as a necessary sacrifice to achieve her grand vision.

Eblana's unique Arts manifest as purple flames and allow her to manipulate life energy like her sister, which she often wields as a form of "necromancy". She can imbue corpses with her flames to reanimate them as mindless specters that can continue resurrecting and fighting endlessly as long as she sustains her life-giving Arts within them.[6] Eblana is also skilled in martial combat with her spear, and her experience as Dublinn's leader makes her a highly charismatic speaker who inspires loyalty in her underlings like Mandragora.[7]


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