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Igor the Great (Игорь Великий) is a background NPC in Arknights. He is first mentioned in the Doctor's Personality Test, and is known as the most famous and important figure in the history of the Empire of Ursus.


A poster of the third edition of Sergei Katayev's "Igor the Great" stage play at the Ursus Royal Opera House. Igor's story have been immortalized in various fiction works

Igor Borisovich, better known as "Igor the Great", was a legendary chief of the Ursi, which by that time was subjugated by the Hippogryph overlords. Rumored to be the son of an Ursus peasant named Boris, Igor was forcefully conscripted at a young age, but quickly ascended through the ranks during his years of service thanks to his extraordinary combat skills, military exploits and strategic genius, gaining the heart of Ursi and Hippogryphs alike. On top of that, he was one of the few non-Hippogryph officers to be canonized, being granted the military title of Razisal, which means "Bear Herder".[1]

Following the invasion of the Nightzmoran Khagan in Terran year 11, which completely devasted the Hippogryphs' lands, the Ursi started to organize small-scale resistance against them, as a response to their opprresion and failure at trying to defend them from the Nightzmoras. The Ursi's rage against the Hippogryphs would led to a group of conscripted Ursus workers killing their overseer and taking over a tower in Deity Grypherburg in the Terran year 18. Igor was sent to take care of the situation, as even the initial group of soldiers sent to the tower also deflected to the rebellious workers. Igor took off his equipment and was welcomed by the workers, but by the time he left, the traitors were all dead. While official reports claim that Igor single-handedly killed all of the sixty traitors, it's also speculated that perhaps he could've convinced them to take their own life despite being Ursi.[2]

Even after achieving the rank of Colonel by the 25th year, Igor started to feel dissatisfied with how the Ursi were treated. He would conspire against the Hippogryphs and led the Ursi's uprising in the winter of the 27th year. Thanks to his successive victories, more and more people joined forces with Igor to overthrow the Hippogryphs, and take back the land they cultivated with their own hands. The defenseless Hippogryphs, who had no idea of how to deal with domestic problems or rebellions, were finally overthrown.[3][4][5][6]

After four arduous years, the Ursi managed to capture Deity Grypherburg. Under recommendation of his assigned ministers, Igor was crowned as the first monarch and tsar of the rebranded "Ursus Empire", and his descendants would consolidate its power on Terra for the years to come. However, his story didn't stop there, as the Hippogryphs weren't fully defeated. Igor continued to lead his forces against the relentless Hippogryphs in the eastern mountains for the following twenty years, but couldn't fulfill his objective during his lifetime. Legend says that he finally passed away in front of the military map.[1][2]

In Terran year 58, his son, "The Young Tsar" Alexei Igorevich, who succeeded the throne at the age of 16, would enact the "Eastern March" national policy, with the objective of defeating all Hippogryphic Empire remnants, aiming to continue his father's unfinished business.[1][7][8]


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