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Raimund is an NPC in Arknights. He is a major supporting character in Hortus de Escapismo.


A young Sarkaz boy, Raimund is part of Gerald's Sarkaz community living in the Sanctilaminium Ambrosii. In fact, he has the distinction of being raised within Lateran territory, specifically in the monastery itself.[note 1] Despite this, Raimund doesn't get along with Laterans. He's also noted for his reckless and impulsive nature, which got him in trouble numerous times. For instance, he once went to a nearby mine without permission, and barely made out in one piece.[1]


Hortus de Escapismo


  1. While it's true that Gerald says "Raimund was born here" in HE-6, in HE-2 he also says: "He was so little when he first came here, he doesn't remember a whole lot". This could mean that even though Raimund wasn't actually born in the monastery itself, it's as if he were since he grew there and doesn't know life on the outside of it.