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Arknights is a mobile tower defense (TD) game developed by Hypergryph. Originally released in mainland China (CN) on May 1, 2019, it later received a release in Japan, Korea, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia (collectively known as Global) by Yostar on January 16, 2020, and in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (TW) by Longcheng on June 29, 2020.

While at first it appears to be a deceptively simple TD, Arknights tends to be more difficult than the run-of-the-mill TD game due to tricky maps, enemy design, and challenging combat puzzles. One strong aspect of the game is the player's management of Operators and the correct use of their abilities to achieve victory. Arknights also features an important base building feature.

Arknights utilizes a gacha system for players to obtain Operators, however, the game designs stages to be solvable using Operators of the most common rarities. In addition, the Recruitment system permits the free, albeit rare, acquisition of most of the older high rarity Operators.

Due to the differing release dates of each version as well as other factors, the Global server of Arknights is ~6 months behind the CN server, while the TW server is ~8 months behind CN (~3 months behind Global).
Ongoing Events
CN Rhodes Island Icebreaker Games banner.png
Rhodes Island Icebreaker Games has ended in the CN server...
CN Lone Trail Rerun banner.png
The rerun of Lone Trail has ended in the CN server...
EN Il Siracusano Rerun banner.png
The rerun of Il Siracusano has ended in the Global server...
EN Ideal City Rerun banner.png
The rerun of Ideal City has ended in the TW server...
Upcoming Events
CN Contingency Contract Pyrolysis banner.png
Contingency Contract Pyrolysis is live in the Global server!

New outfits
Blade-Cleaved Tides
Dual-Threat Quarterback
Nocturne of Elysia
Red Countess
Under the Flaming Dome
Young Branch
Lances of Kaliskas
Noon Twilight
Royal Guardswoman
The Other Side of Siracusa
W Dali
Freeland Tuneseeker
Holiday HDm74
Upcoming outfits
Seeker SK97
One Blade
Current Annihilation Rotating Missions
"Eccentricity" Lab
Decaying Wastes
Ashy Marsh
Current main Integrated Strategies themes
CN Expeditioner's Joklumarkar banner.png
Current Stationary Security Service Missions (Global)
Dispatch Cycle #3: Southern
Alsterii Bellariorum Manufacture Platform.png
The Abandoned Lighthouse.png
Alsterii Bellariorum Manufacture PlatformThe Abandoned Lighthouse
Active headhunting banners (Global)
EN Standard Pool 115 banner.png
Executor the Ex Foedere icon.png
Mudrock icon.png
Quercus icon.png
Spuria icon.png
Windflit icon.png
The 115th Standard Pool headhunting banner has ended...
EN Kernel Locating 3 banner.png
This Kernel banner's rate-up Operators are player-determined (two 6★, three 5★).
The 3rd Kernel Locating headhunting banner has ended...
Server Time
EN -7:00 UTC_-7
CN/TW +8:00 UTC_+8
JP/KR +9:00 UTC_+9
What's Up and New sticker.png
The rerun of Il Siracusano is now live, so from Leithanien in Zwillingstürme im Herbst to Siracusa we go, where we got to relieve another intrigue-filled story about Texas' past as a mafioso and facing off against mafia-themed enemies! Although it's a shame that we don't get the opportunity to pull for Texas the Omertosa and Penance, you still have the opportunity to take Vigil along, if you haven't, and buy the nice-looking The Other Side of Siracusa outfit for him while you're at it!

Oh, don't rest on your laurels just yet, as Contingency Contract will return in June under a new flavor: the Pinch-Out Experimental Operation-inspired Battleplans with Contingency Contract Pyrolysis as the first iteration. We hope you folks are ready to draw our blood and sweat once more in this grueling challenge...
Did You Know sticker.png
Featured Article
Virtuosa Elite 2.png
Virtuosa is a limited 6★ Ritualist Supporter introduced with Zwillingstürme im Herbst; before this, she had made a brief appearance in Lingering Echoes and acts as the arguable antagonist of Hortus de Escapismo, as well as being mentioned in various places in the game.

The alias of Arturia Giallo, the cousin of Federico Giallo and a notorious Lateran Sankta wanted for her crimes of sowing disturbance among the populace, Virtuosa is one of the few Operators capable of inflicting Elemental DamagesNecrosis Damage in her case, yet she is also a potent supporter due to her ability to augment her allies with her skills, allowing her to be used well in the offensive and defensive.

Virtuosa's Japanese voice is provided by Aya Endō, while her English voice is provided by Cat Protano who is best known for voicing Tiadosia Kallister in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, Misha in Honkai: Star Rail, and recently Setaria in Genshin Impact.
Community Event
EN Skywalking Global League banner.png
Skywalking Global League, or SGL for short, is the very first community competitive event held for Arknights centered on Mizuki & Caerula Arbor with participants from all Arknights servers; the Global part is organized by Lungmen Dragons.

Currently SGL is on the Group Stage that is scheduled from May 17, 2024 to May 23, 2024.