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Arknights is a mobile tower defense (TD) game developed by Hypergryph. Originally released in mainland China (CN) on May 1, 2019, it later received a release in Japan, Korea, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia (collectively known as Global) by Yostar on January 16, 2020, and in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (TW) by Longcheng on June 29, 2020.

While at first it appears to be a deceptively simple TD, Arknights tends to be more difficult than the run-of-the-mill TD game due to tricky maps, enemy design, and challenging combat puzzles. One strong aspect of the game is the player's management of Operators and the correct use of their abilities to achieve victory. Arknights also features an important base building feature.

Arknights utilizes a gacha system for players to obtain Operators, however, the game designs stages to be solvable using Operators of the most common rarities. In addition, the Recruitment system permits the free, albeit rare, acquisition of most of the older high rarity Operators.

Due to the differing release dates of each version as well as other factors, the Global server of Arknights is ~6 months behind the CN server, while the TW server is ~8 months behind CN (~3 months behind Global).
Ongoing Events
CN A Kazdelian Rescue banner.png
A Kazdelian Rescue has ended in the CN server...
EN To the Grinning Valley banner.png
To the Grinning Valley has ended in the Global server...
EN 2024 Login Event banner.png
The 2024 Login Event has ended in the Global server...
EN So Long, Adele banner.png
So Long, Adele has ended in the TW server...
EN Trials for Navigator 3 banner.png
The third season of Trials for Navigator has ended in the TW server...
Upcoming Events
CN Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow Rerun banner.png
The rerun of Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow is live in the Global server!
New Operators
Mitm icon.png
Nymph icon.png
Ray icon.png
Warmy icon.png
Bryophyta icon.png
Eyjafjalla the Hvít Aska icon.png
Poncirus icon.png
Swire the Elegant Wit icon.png
Upcoming Operators
New outfits
Catapult Skin 1 icon.png
Proviso Skin 2 icon.png
Totter Skin 1 icon.png
Reed the Flame Shadow Skin 2 icon.png
Typhon Skin 2 icon.png
Reed the Flame Shadow Skin 1 icon.png
Earthspirit Skin 1 icon.png
Ansel Skin 2 icon.png
Mint Skin 2 icon.png
Gavial the Invincible Skin 1 icon.png
Ceylon Skin 1 icon.png
Chestnut Skin 1 icon.png
Myrtle Skin 2 icon.png
Goldenglow Skin 2 icon.png
Upcoming outfits
Jieyun Skin 1 icon.png
Current Annihilation Rotating Missions
"Eccentricity" Lab
Decaying Wastes
Ashy Marsh
Current main Integrated Strategies themes
Global and TW
CN Expeditioner's Joklumarkar banner.png
Current Stationary Security Service Missions (Global)
Dispatch Cycle #3: Southern
Alsterii Bellariorum Manufacture Platform.png
The Abandoned Lighthouse.png
Alsterii Bellariorum Manufacture PlatformThe Abandoned Lighthouse
Active headhunting banners (Global)
EN Ray of Light banner.png
Mulberry icon.png
Ray icon.png
Warmy icon.png
The Ray of Light headhunting banner has ended...
EN Celebration Vista 1 banner.png
The 1st Celebration - Vista limited headhunting banner has ended...
EN Standard Pool 118 banner.png
Almond icon.png
Carnelian icon.png
Corroserum icon.png
Eunectes icon.png
Toddifons icon.png
The 118th Standard Pool headhunting banner has ended...
EN Celebration Kernel 1 banner.png
The 1st Celebration - Kernel limited headhunting banner has ended...
New furniture (Global)
Multi-cab Ute.png
Joy Frozen in Time.png
Plaque - Hustle and Bustle.png
Server Time
EN -7:00 UTC_-7
CN/TW +8:00 UTC_+8
JP/KR +9:00 UTC_+9
What's Up and New sticker.png
From the frigid lands of Kjerag in The Rides to Lake Silberneherze to the barren outbacks of Rim Billiton in To the Grinning Valley we go; the latter is now live in the Global server, so let's head into Terra's analogue of Australia where we got to learn more about our favorite Cautus Amiya's past and with the chance to pull for Ray and Warmy, and buy new outfits for Mint and Reed the Flame Shadow!

With that said, Global is only two events away before the 4.5th anniversary arrives; the rerun of Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow will be live in July 18, and Here a People Sows should follow suit in late July or early August, so we hope you're still up to tackle the coming stuff after RS!

Before you ask, What the Firelight Casts Rerun that is supposedly live after TG is going to be delayed to after HS to make way for it as Global's 4.5th anniversary event, so if you missed the event and the Flame Shadow, sorry lads, you have to wait a bit longer...
Did You Know sticker.png
Featured Article
Ray Elite 2.png
Ray is a 6★ Hunter Sniper introduced with To the Grinning Valley where she is also one of the main characters.

A Rim Billitonian Cautus and an acquaintance of Amiya, Ray is a solid ranged Operator who can make use of her Sandbeast to extend her reach and then deals damage to opportunity targets with her skills at a slow-but-steady rate, which can be accelerated by her skills.

Ray's Japanese CV is Kaori Nazuka who also voices Astesia, while her English CV is the Canadian May Charters.