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Integrated Strategies #4: Expeditioner's Joklumarkar (stylized as Expeditioner's Jǫklumarkar[note 1]), often simply known as Integrated Strategies 4 (IS4) or Expeditioner's Joklumarkar/Expeditioner's Jǫklumarkar, is the fourth theme of the namesake roguelike game mode in Arknights.



Difficulty levels

  • Braving Nature is initially available, while Braving Nature +1 and above are unlocked by completing a run in the preceding level (e.g. Braving Nature +11 will be unlocked once the player completed a Braving Nature +10 run).
  • The specific handicaps of Braving Nature +3 and above are carried over to every succeeding levels, with those increasing enemy attributes stacked on top of each other.
  • Buff increases the HP and ATK of enemies by the specified percentage on each floor (starting on the 1st floor and increases on subequent floors), using the following formula: a = (1 + b)c (a is the total buff; b is the buff percentage; c is the floor number).
    • The secret floor applies the buff at the floor when the player enters it, and do not increase the buff.
  • Flair is the chance that a Foldartal comes with a Flair when obtained.
  • Score is a modifier to the run's final score.
Level Description Buff Flair Score
Braving Nature The icefield encroaches on frozen soil, as the shadows stretch on to no end.
0% 0% −40%
Braving Nature +1 The Collapse Level from Level 3 increases at a higher rate. 0% 0% −20%
Braving Nature +2 Starts with -4 Life Point cap. 0% 0% 0%
Braving Nature +3 Clearing an operation after losing Life Points increase Collapse by 1. 0% 5% +10%
Braving Nature +4 Elite enemies have their ATK increased by 10%. 0% 7.5% +20%
Braving Nature +5 Enemies have their HP and ATK increased by 5%. 1% 10% +25%
Braving Nature +6 4★ and above Operators cost +1 Hope.png to recruit. 2% 12.5% +30%
Braving Nature +7 Enemies have their DEF increased by 10%. 3% 15% +35%
Braving Nature +8 Enemies take 5% less Physical and Arts damage. 4% 17.5% +40%
Braving Nature +9 Unit Limit reduced by 1. 5% 20% +45%
Braving Nature +10 Enemies have their ATK increased by 10%. 6% 20% +50%
Braving Nature +11 Bosses take 5% less Physical and Arts damage. 8% 20% +50%
Braving Nature +12
  • Lose 1 Anti-Interference Index at the start of the run and when entering the 3rd and 5th floors.
  • Expansion II: The 5th, 6th, and special floors' Dreadful Foes may be replaced by an alternate, more difficult version.
10% 20% +50%
Braving Nature +13 Elite enemies and bosses take 5% less Physical and Arts damage. 12% 20% +50%
Braving Nature +14 Enemies have their HP and DEF increased by 5%. 14% 20% +50%
Braving Nature +15
  • Enemies have their HP, ATK, and DEF increased by 10%.
  • Entering a new floor increases Collapse by 1.
16% 20% +50%


Squad Information
Eternal Hunting Squad.png
Eternal Hunting Squad
Starts with +2 Life Point cap. Clearing an operation without losing LP reduces Collapse by 2, but clearing an operation after losing LP increases Collapse by 1 instead.
Unlock condition
Unlock the "Liminal Consciousness" Cross-cultural Comparison node.
Life Prioritizing Squad.png
Life Prioritizing Squad
Starts with 3 random Foldartals. Clairvoyances always reveal a Foldartal even at Collapse Level 3 or above.
Unlock condition
Unlock the "Paradigm Contact" Cross-cultural Comparison node.
Scientific Thinking Squad.png
Scientific Thinking Squad
Starts with 0 Anti-Interference Index, but entering a new floor increases Anti-Interference Index by 2.
Unlock condition
Unlock the "Rational Instrument" Cross-cultural Comparison node.
Special Training Squad.png
Special Training Squad
Starts with 3 Objective Shields. Promoting Operators is free.
Unlock condition
Earn 1000 Command EXP across all runs.
Leader Squad 4.png
Leader Squad
Starts with +2 Life Point cap. Receives 1 Life Points.png after clearing operations.
Gathering Squad 4.png
Gathering Squad
Increases the squad size and Unit Limit by 2.
Unlock condition
Clear the 3rd floor.
Support Squad 4.png
Support Squad
Starts with +20 Originium Ingot icon.png and +2 Hope.png.
Unlock condition
Obtain 150 Originium Ingot icon.png across all runs.
Spearhead Squad 4.png
Spearhead Squad
Starts with only 1 Life Points.png (the Life Point cap stays the same), but friendly units have their maximum HP and ATK increased by 15%.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 10 Life Points.png remaining.
Tactical Assault Squad 4.png
Tactical Assault Squad
4★ or higher Guards and Vanguards cost -2 Hope.png to recruit and -1 Hope.png to promote, and may be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 5 Guards or Vanguards recruited.
Tactical Fortification Squad 4.png
Tactical Fortification Squad
4★ or higher Defenders and Supporters cost -2 Hope.png to recruit and -1 Hope.png to promote, and may be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 5 Defenders or Supporters recruited.
Tactical Ranged Squad 4.png
Tactical Ranged Squad
4★ or higher Medics and Snipers cost -2 Hope.png to recruit and -1 Hope.png to promote, and may be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 5 Medics or Snipers recruited.
Tactical Destruction Squad 4.png
Tactical Destruction Squad
4★ or higher Casters and Specialists cost -2 Hope.png to recruit and -1 Hope.png to promote, and may be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 5 Casters or Specialists recruited.
First-Class Squad 4.png
First-Class Squad
Receives a random Advanced Rec. Voucher when recruiting Operators at the start. 5★ Operators are more likely to be automatically promoted when recruited.
Unlock condition
Complete a run with at least 20 Operators recruited.


Unofficial English translations of the special floor's name and texts provided by PHOTON563.
IS4 Floor 1.png
IS4 Floor 1 image.png
Brisk Marshlands
From here you step into nature. Pure white snow falls onto the water, a chill breeze pushes your boat, and roaming around always makes one lose track of time.
Trapped in White Walls
The giant tree roots form a harsh suggestion that you have drifted too far off, and nature has not yet become your friend.
IS4 Floor 2.png
IS4 Floor 2 image.png
Placid Forests
The Hornbeasts in the thick forest lie down, inviting the visitors to rest together. The pitch-black shadows of the trees silently stain the snow, but the prey is completely unaware.
Trapped in White Walls
The lost expeditioner tumbles into the abyssal depths of the woods, their compass no longer able to point the way forward.
IS4 Floor 3.png
IS4 Floor 3 image.png
Dawning Frostbounds
The bitter cold pierces through your marrow, with the forest gradually thinning as the black tundra separates the sparse specks of light. The roadmap is already blank, and whose guidance can we trust?
Trapped in White Walls
The expeditioner was once walking in a blur, and now tumbles into the permafrost. Sami speaks of only one, yet also final, prophecy concerning you.
IS4 Floor 4.png
IS4 Floor 4 image.png
Gelid Rockshelves
The expeditioners' line of sight has been cut off by the darkness of the north. Resilient Sami lifts Its mountain range as the cold, stone-hearted warriors construct towering walls. Do you still wish to continue onward?
Trapped in White Walls
The courage to cross the boundary may be dismissed as foolhardy by ordinary people, but nature never says a word, no matter what it takes in.
IS4 Floor 5.png
IS4 Floor 5 image.png
Immaculate Garden
Across the mountains, life is silent. Since antiquity, the solid ice has sealed up countless lives, propagating flower-like crystals.
Trapped in White Walls
There is no need to hammer again with your staff of ice. You have already fallen deep inside, covered by the shadows along with the past, and the icefield will never end.
IS4 Floor 6.png
IS4 Floor 6 image.png
Clairvoyant Carcass
An inescapable fate has stood at the end of the icefield for a long time,
and now, everyone can see it.

Trapped in White Walls
That vision to you, is still the future.
IS4 Special Floor.png
IS4 Special Floor image.png
Dusts of Eternity
Time without beginning nor end has been measured by limited lives, and the footsteps of expeditioners kick up the dusts of eternity.
Trapped in White Walls
Even a grain of dust is still too heavy, you have never expected it, and you have never regretted it.
IS4 Secret Floor.png
IS4 Secret Floor image.png
Secluded Passage
A remote corner of the deep forest ushers in yet another batch of visitors. Nature never welcomes them, but never refuses them either.
Trapped in White Walls
And thus, as you fall into the soil, as you turn into nourishment, nature still chooses to stand by and watch.
Additional information
  • The 6th floor can only be entered by clearing the 5th floor while having the Boundless Gift.png Boundless Gift.
  • The special floor can only be entered from Expansion II by clearing the 5th or 6th floor while having the Dimensional Fluid.png Dimensional Fluid.
    • Entering the special floor will not cause the Collapse level to increase and clearing it does not count towards the final score but will count towards the enemy buff in higher Braving Nature levels.
    • The special floor has the following layout: Rogue Trader > Prophecy: Reconstruction > (Emergency) Operation > Prophecy: One Small Step For the Explorer > Dreadful Foe
Secret floor information
To enter the secret floor, enter the "Forward Forest" Bosky Passage (which only appears once the "Spiritual Experience" Cross-cultural Comparison node is unlocked) and choose "Can't we just walk on the trees?" at the cost of 1 Anti-Interference Index.
  • The secret floor has one of the following layouts (a number denotes the amount of nodes in the branch):
    1. 3 Rogue Traders > 3 Rogue Traders
    2. 2 Encounters/Lost and Found > 2 Encounters/Lost and Found
    3. 2 non-combat nodes > 2 non-combat nodes > 2 non-combat nodes
    4. 2 (Emergency) Operations > 3 non-combat nodes > Encounter/Downtime Recreation
    5. 2 (Emergency) Operations > 2 non-combat nodes > Encounter/Downtime Recreation
    6. 3 (Emergency) Operations > Wish Fulfilled
    7. 3 (Emergency) Operations > 2 (Emergency) Operations
    • The (Emergency) Operations will be those that appears in the floor where the secret floor is entered, with the exception of the 1st and 6th floors where those in the 2nd and 5th floors, respectively, may appear instead.
  • The secret floor has one of the following handicaps which will be shown below the starting text upon entering it:
    • In this place, allied units have increased HP and ATK, but a large amount of [Dominion] will appear in battles
      Friendly units have their maximum HP and ATK increased by 30%, but there will be 12 deployable tiles covered in Dominions. Uses layout #4, #5, #6, or #7.
    • In this place, you will obtain Hope with every step forward
      Gives 2 Hope.png when the nodes are entered. Uses layout #2 or #3.
    • Immediately obtain some funds, and the Rogue Trader stocks discounted items
      The player gains 15 Originium Ingot icon.png upon entering the secret floor and Rogue Traders will sell nothing but wares that costs at most 12 Originium Ingot icon.png. Uses layout #1.
    • In this place, allied units have reduced ATK, but deal significantly more damage to enemies 2 or more tiles away
      Friendly units have their ATK reduced by 40% but the damage they dealt against targets that are at least 2 tiles away from them is doubled.. Uses layout #4, #5, #6, or #7.
    • In this place, you have a lower deployment limit, but Operators' Redeployment Time is greatly reduced
      Friendly units have their redeployment time reduced by 80% but the Unit Limit is reduced by 4. Uses layout #4, #5, #6, or #7.
    • In this place, all Operators have reduced SP cost, but all skills activate automatically
      The SP cost of friendly units' skills are reduced by 30% but manually activated skills will be activated on its own whenever they are fully charged. Uses layout #4, #5, #6, or #7.
    • In this place, all enemies have reduced Movement Speed, but gain increased Weight, DEF, and RES
      Enemies have their speed halved but their DEF, RES, and weight are increased by 800, 30, and 1, respectively. Uses layout #4, #5, #6, or #7.
    • Increases Max Life Points, but enemies here will deduct more Life Points
      Increases the Life Point cap by 3 upon entering the secret floor, but enemies in the operations will deduct 1 additional LP upon entering a Protection Objective. Uses layout #4, #5, #6, or #7.
  • No Clairvoyance will be received upon entering the secret floor.
  • Once the secret floor is cleared, the player will be taken back to the floor where they entered it and proceed into the node succeeding the Bosky Passage the secret floor is entered from.

Operation drops

ISW-NO and ISW-DF operations
Floor (Emergency) Operation Dreadful Foe
EXP Ingot EXP Ingot
1F 10 (12) 2 (3) N/A
2F 12 (18) 2 (3)
3F 14 (24) 2 (4) 32 5
4F 16 (30) 3 (4) N/A
5F 25 (38) 3 (5) 52 7
6F 25 (45) 3 (5) 72 8
Special Same as 6F
Secret Varies
ISW-SP and ISW-DU operations
Operation EXP Ingot
Half-baked Trip 10 1
Long-term Trial 12 5
Moneymaking from Nothing 15 2
Rock and a Hard Place 16 3
Long-sought Compensation and Sandy Mirage 16 4
Penalty 18 3
Luxurious Fleet 20 3
Nature's Clause 20 5
Ancient Foe, Halfway on Khaganquest, and Nameless Hero 24 1
"Envoy of Justice" 30 5
Additional information
  • The drops awarded from operations in the secret floor is calculated as if the operation is on the floor it is entered.
  • The 5th and 6th floor's Dreadful Foes only awards the EXP and Ingot when cleared if the player fulfills the condition to enter the 6th and/or special floor, as doing so otherwise will end the run instead.
  • Since the special floor's Dreadful Foe ends the run when cleared, no EXP and Ingots are awarded from doing so.


When an Expeditioner's Joklumarkar run ends, the ending will be played if the run is completed; if the run fails, the "Trapped in White Walls" message is shown instead.

Afterwards, the run's rollback (which can be skipped and viewed again from the result screen) will appear, showing the player's nickname and the Operators they have recruited throughout the run as the "explorers", and logs the player's actions throughout the run.

Logged actions
  • You departed from Sami and decided to {difficulty}
  • You selected the {initial Rec. Vouchers option} recruitment set
  • Obtained support {Operational Reward}
  • Recruited Operator {name}
  • Recruited Promoted Operator {name}
  • Recruited Support Operator {name}
  • Recruited Temporary Operator {name}
  • Recruited Monthly Squad Operator {name}
  • Promoted Operator {name}
  • Received Collectible {name}
  • Received a {name} Foldartal
  • You entered the {floor name} zone
  • Anti-Interference Index is {value}, Current status: {status}
  • Anti-Interference Index increased by {value}
  • Anti-Interference Index reduced by {value}
  • Survey level increased
  • Survey level decreased
  • Collapse increased by {value}
  • Collapse reduced by {value}
  • Collapsal Paradigm intensified, gained Collapsal Paradigm: {name}
  • Collapsal Paradigm diminished, lost Collapsal Paradigm: {name}
  • Assemble Foldartals {Layout name} and {Source name}, and make a declaration
  • You encountered {operation}
  • You perfectly cleared {operation}
  • You met {event}
  • You met the odd merchant Cannot
  • You entered Lost and Found. Make your decision.
  • You submitted Foldartal {name}
  • You submitted collectible {name}
  • You chose to fight and won
  • You chose to fight and lost
  • You opened {Collectible from Wish Fulfilled}
  • Entered Bosky Passage
  • Carried out {option} in the Safe House
  • Spent {amount} Originium Ingots to purchase {item}
  • Invested {amount} times
  • Received {item}
  • Cleared the {title} ending
  • This is where it comes to an end

Once the rollback ends with the message "Expedition Complete", the player will be taken into the result screen showing the summary of the run as follows:

You, Dr. {nickname} used the {Squad} for a duration of xx hrs xx min xx sec on yyyy/mm/dd hrs:min:sec
Witnessed the {ending}1/Ended your journey at {floor name}2
1 If the run is completed
2 If the run fails

The result screen also shows the following:

  • A flavor text that varies depending on the run's outcome, after the summary above.
  • A list of Collectibles the player have obtained during the run.
  • A list of Operators the player have recruited and promoted during the run.


Floors cleared
  • None: 0
  • 1: 30
  • 2: 80
  • 3: 150
  • 4: 270
  • 5: 400
  • 6: 550
  • 7: 650
The secret floor is counted as one floor and if the player cleared the secret floor multiple times, only a maximum of 7 floors that will be counted for this scoring.
Steps taken 1 × no. of entered nodes
Normal battles fought 10 × no. of cleared Operations (including ISW-DU and ISW-SP ones)
Operators recruited 2 × no. of recruited Operators
Items obtained 5 × no. of obtained items (Collectibles; those traded away in Lost and Found still counts)
Boss battles fought 30 × no. of cleared Dreadful Foes
Elite battles fought 20 × no. of cleared Emergency Operations



  1. A portmenteau in Old Norse of jǫklum, "glaciers," and markar, "forests" or "borderlands"

Changelog (Global)