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This article is about the Operator class. For the NPC, see Guard (NPC).

Guard is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Guards have high HP and ATK which gives them high DPS output. They often have good synergy with the other classes, especially Defenders who can block enemies to be pummeled by Guards or with each other to deal even more damage with coordinated attacks.

The only weakness that most Guards have is a lack of base RES, making them noticeably vulnerable to enemy Casters and Arts Guards.


Branch Trait
Dreadnought Guard
Blocks 1 enemy
Strong melee attacker with high ATK and HP
Centurion Guard
Attacks all blocked enemies
Multi-target melee attacker hitting targets equal to their block count
Lord Guard
Can launch Ranged Attacks that deal 80% of normal ATK
All-around melee attacker using a ranged attack that deals 0.8× damage when not blocking enemies, capable of hitting aerial enemies
Arts Fighter Guard
Arts Fighter
Deals Arts damage
Melee Arts attacker; most skills involve some form of self-survivability or defensive enhancements
Instructor Guard
Can attack enemies from range; When attacking enemies not blocked by self, increase ATK to 120%
Supportive melee Operator with extended range and dealing 1.2× damage when attacking enemies they are not blocking, and augments friendly units with their skills/talent(s), usually melee ones
Fighter Guard
Blocks 1 enemy
Melee attacker with a very fast attack interval
Swordmaster Guard
Normal attacks deal damage twice
Melee attacker delivering two strikes in each attack, typically having skills that specialize in instant bursts of damage or utility, and which typically charge their SP only by attacking
Musha Guard
Can't be healed by other units. Recovers 30/50/70 self HP every time this operator attacks an enemy
Very strong melee attacker that cannot be actively healed but recovers some HP in each attack and become more effective as they lose HP through Tenacity
Liberator Guard
Normally does not attack and has 0 Block; When skill is inactive, ATK gradually increases up to +200% over 40 seconds. ATK is reset when the skill ends
Very strong melee attacker that only attacks and block enemies during skill activations with an ATK buff over time outside skill activations that resets upon the skill expiring; skills typically involve attacking several enemies in a large range
Reaper Guard
Cannot be healed by allies; Attacks deal AoE damage; Recovers 50 HP for every enemy hit during attacks, up to Block count
Sweeping melee attacker that hits all targets in range and cannot be actively healed but recovers HP for each enemy hit by attacks that are capped to the block count
Crusher Guard
Attacks all blocked enemies
Very strong but completely defenseless multi-target melee attacker hitting targets equal to their block count, receiving all damage directly to their HP pool
Earthshaker Guard
Attacks deal 50% of ATK as AOE Physical damage to enemies around the target
Melee attacker that deals half-strength area-of-effect damage to enemies around the primary target in each attack


Operator Subject Interaction
Tactical Configuration Increases the ATK and DEF of Guards for a period of time after Castle-3 is deployed.
  • Potential 1: 10% for 10 seconds
  • Potential 2: 12% for 12 seconds
  • Potential 3: 14% for 14 seconds
  • Potential 4: 16% for 16 seconds
  • Potential 5: 18% for 18 seconds
  • Potential 6: 20% for 20 seconds
Forward March Lowers the DP costs of all undeployed Guards by 1 when Wild Mane is deployed for the first time. At Elite 2, Forward March takes effect whenever Wild Mane is deployed and can reduce the undeployed Guards' DP cost by a maximum of 5.


  • Out of all eight classes, Guard has the most members; with the introduction of class branches, Guard have the most branches as well, of no less than 12 as of Babel.
    • Because of this, the community jokingly calls the game "Guardknights".