Wandering Medic

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Restores the HP of allied units and recovers Elemental Damage by 50% of ATK (can recover Elemental Damage of unhurt allied units).
—Trait description

Wandering Medic is a branch of the Medic class in Arknights.

Wandering Medics are unique (and valuable) in which they are capable of removing Elemental Damages from friendlies for half of their ATK; if the friendly with Elemental Damage is at full HP, the Wandering Medic will still heal them to remove the build-up. They have a healing range of 3×4 tiles with 3-tiles extensions to the sides ahead of them from Elite 1, but have low ATK and DP cost – the lowest of all Medics, the former of which giving Wandering Medics a low HP restoration output.




  • Most event and Main Theme operations from Under Tides onwards feature enemies that are capable of inflicting Elemental Damages, thus it is mandatory that the player builds at least one Wandering Medic to lessen the danger faced by Operators from them.
  • Due to their low ATK, there are times when Wandering Medics cannot give proper amount of healing and needs to be supported by other Medics.
  • Because Musha, Reaper Guards, Juggernaut Defenders and Summons cannot receive direct healing, most Wandering Medics cannot remove Elemental Damage for them.