Blast Caster

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Deals AOE Arts damage in a long line.
—Trait description

Blast Caster is a branch of the Caster class in Arknights.

Blast Casters have a unique linear attack range covering four tiles ahead of them or five from Elite 1 with their attacks hitting all enemies within said range, which can be tricky to manage nonetheless. They are otherwise similar to Splash Casters but with slightly higher ATK.



Operator Modules

Module Information
BLA-X module.png
Trait improved:
Attacks deal extremely long-ranged AoE Arts damage; damage dealt increases with distance, up to 110%
Additional information
The damage increase of the BLA-X Module scales up to 4 tiles away from the Blast Caster's position (e.g. enemies that are 2 tiles away takes 105% damage).


  • Blast Casters can deal extremely high damage to an unlimited number of enemies in range, but their narrow linear range makes them much more map dependent than their peers. They are ideally used in positions where their range lines up perfectly with a long enemy path, upon which they can practically trivialize that section of the map provided there is a melee Operator to block the enemies from leaving.
  • With a range of 5 tiles, they are tied with Fortresses for the longest non-unlimited base range of any Operator in the game, which gives them some utility when attacking enemies in normally inaccessible positions, and even lets them hit multiple perpendicular lanes at once.
  • Despite their optimal performance being when hitting an entire line of tiles, Blast Casters can still output surprisingly high damage when only hitting one or two tiles, provided that they cover a choke point.


  • The BLA-X Module allows the Blast Caster to do more damage against distant targets, making it more useful to halt enemies in further spots from them.


  • Blast Casters' high DP cost means that Vanguards are essential to be able to deploy them earlier.
  • Due to Blast Casters' linear range, sometimes it's better to have Defenders blocking enemies inside of their range to maximize the damage output.


  • Because Ifrit was the only Blast Caster prior to the release of Corroserum, a long, straight path with a ranged tile at the end of one side where Blast Casters can fully utilize their linear range is affectionately known as an "Ifrit lane" by the Arknights community.