Heavyshooter Sniper

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High-accuracy point-blank shot.
—Trait description

Heavyshooter Sniper, colloquially known as Short-range Sniper, is a branch of the Sniper class in Arknights.

Heavyshooter Snipers have high ATK with a range of 2×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front or 3×3 tiles from Elite 1 at the expense of above-average attack interval and DP cost, the latter of which increases in every promotion. Most Heavyshooter Snipers have skills and/or talents that makes their attacks more effective against enemies in the frontal tile(s).



Operator Modules

Module Information
ARC-X module.png
New trait:
Redeployment Time reduced
ARC-Y module.png
New trait:
Increases ATK to 105% when attacking enemies directly in front, and ignores their Physical Dodge
Additional information
The ARC-X Module reduces the Heavyshooter Sniper's redeployment time by 25 seconds.


  • Heavyshooter Snipers' combination of high ATK and wide range of skills that can massively increase their ATK makes them among the strongest choice against enemies with high to even titanic DEF, especially those with significant mixed defenses (e.g. Imperial Striker), allowing them to literally brute force any foe.


  • The ARC-X Module allows the Heavyshooter Sniper to be relocated easily if the battlefield situation changes.
  • The ARC-Y Module is the most interesting one, as it allows the Heavyshooter Sniper to counter the dodge ability of certain enemies, most notably Nethersea Predators, as long as they are deployed correctly.


  • Operators with AOE damage are recommended to help defeating weaker enemies, so that Heavyshooter Snipers can focus on damaging dangerous foes.
  • Heavyshooter Snipers' can only reach their full potential once the enemies are in front of them, so Defenders are recommended to keep the enemies in front of the Snipers.


  • The Heavyshooter Sniper is the only class branch whose trait do not affect their performance in any way, instead being more akin to a "flavor text". The trait's description "High-accuracy point-blank shot" is actually in-line with Provence's talent, who was the only Heavyshooter available when Arknights is released.