Agent Vanguard

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Has reduced Redeployment Time, can use ranged attacks.
—Trait description

Agent Vanguard is a branch of the Vanguard class in Arknights.

Agent Vanguards boast lower HP and DEF when compared to the other Vanguard branches, but make up for them with better ATK, a melee and ranged attack (the latter can target flying enemies) and notably have a shorter redeployment time of 35 seconds in addition to having an attack range of the two tiles ahead of them, as well as generating DP from attacks while their skill is active.




  • Agent Vanguards are among the most flexible classes in the game, as they can both output good damage, generate DP quickly, use ranged attacks even on invisible enemies, and redeploy quickly.
  • An Agent Vanguard's DP generation relies on the fact that they need to perform attacks. This can pose problems if the enemies are Invisible and unblockable at the same time (though this is unlikely), which, combined with their lower HP, DEF and only 1-block count, makes it ill-advised to use them as the sole Vanguard.
  • Thanks to Agent Vanguards' reduced redeployment time, they can serve as a substitute Executor Specialist to assist the formation to a degree.
    • However, needing to constantly redeploy them might be too much of a hassle compared to using Standard Bearers or Pioneers who can generate DP without performing attacks on enemies.