Hookmaster Specialist

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Can Shift enemies by using skills.
Can be deployed on Ranged Tiles.
—Trait description

Hookmaster Specialist, colloquially known as Puller Specialist, is a branch of the Specialist class in Arknights.

Hookmaster Specialists are melee Operators who can pull in enemies with their skills and, similar to Push Stroker Specialists, can be deployed on both melee and ranged tiles. They have below-average stats and DP cost, and a range of two tiles ahead or three from Elite 1; unlike the similar Instructor Guards, Hookmaster Specialists can attack flying enemies.



Operator Modules

Module Information
HOK-X module.png
New trait:
While being pulled, enemies take Arts damage proportional to the distance traveled
Additional information
The HOK-X Module applies a debuff to the enemy being dragged by the Hookmaster Specialist which checks the distance the enemy is dragged every 0.066 seconds and deals Arts damage based on the distance at a rate of 800 per 1 tile. If the enemy is not dragged or are dragged at least 4 tiles between a check, no damage will be dealt.



  • The HOK-X Module allows the Hookmaster Specialist to inflict extra damage while dragging their target, especially if they are in the maximum range and have low or no RES.


  • Hookmaster Specialists are the first branch of Operators to be "nerfed", albeit only for a short while.
    • In an update around the time Rhodes Island Icebreaker Games was introduced in CN servers, the ability to continue dragging their targets after retreating the Operators was no longer possible to perform. This was reverted on the 24th of May.
      • In a BiliBili video, the content creator 魔法Zc managed to team up with who appears to be Hai Mao. In the video, Hai Mao is seen performing the trick above that was patched, suggesting that the "nerf" might not even be informed to the developers and prompting the reversal of it.