Crusher Guard

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Attacks all blocked enemies.
—Trait description (shared with Centurion Guard)

Crusher Guard is a branch of the Guard class in Arknights.

Crusher Guards are similar to Centurion Guards including the ability to attack multiple enemies equal to their block count (despite their trait's description implying that the Crusher has to block the enemies to attack them), but with a much higher HP and ATK – one of the highest of all Guards, and a slightly higher DP cost. However, they have no DEF and RES at all (which also makes scaling/multiplicative DEF/RES modifiers redundant on them), can only block up to two enemies, and has the longest attack interval of all Guards.




  • Crusher Guards have AoE attacks along with tremendously high HP and ATK, allowing them to hit multiple enemies at once with extremely powerful blows that can often punch through DEF. This is balanced by their extremely slow attack speed, which lowers their overall DPS.
  • Crusher Guards shine against enemies that deal Arts or Pure damage, since their DEF disadvantage is rendered irrelevant and their enormous HP allows them to soak hits with impunity. They also excel against enemies with low ASPD and relatively low defensive status.
  • Because their DEF and RES are essentially 0 any sort of DEF and RES reduction doesn't work towards them.


  • Because every hit they take is essentially unmitigated damage, Crusher Guards are surprisingly fragile despite their massive HP, particularly against groups of physical enemies.
    • Because of this, any form of healing support and DEF buffs (not scaling DEF buffs, since there'll be no increase in DEF unless there's direct DEF buffs) or another unit, especially Defenders, to hold enemies in place is recommended to keep Crusher Guards healthy while they attack freely. Another way to reduce incoming damage is by using Sanctuary therefore Abjurers Supporters or Operators that can provide Barrier is especially beneficial for them.