Bard Supporter

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Does not attack but continuously restores the HP of all allies within range (the HP restored per second is equal to 10% of self ATK). Self is unaffected by Inspiration.
—Trait description

Bard Supporter, colloquially known as Aura Supporter, is a branch of the Supporter class in Arknights.

Bard Supporters are unique in which they do not attack at all, instead continuously healing friendly units in their range of the surrounding tiles or a radius of 2 tiles from Elite 1 at a rate of 10% of their ATK every second. Defensively, they have low HP and defenses including lacking RES, making Bard Supporters very fragile.

All Bard Supporters have the ability to Inspire friendly units, but keep in mind that they are not affected by Inspiration including from themselves.




  • Due to their inability to attack enemies innately and low defensive status, it is not recommended to deploy Bard Supporters first without anyone taking or eliminating the enemies' aggression in their place.
  • Bard Supporters' healing aura is counted as indirect healing, allowing it to bypass Musha Guards , Reaper Guards and Juggernaut Defenders' direct healing restriction.


  • Bard Supporters are unique in which their deployment dialogue and the accompanying sound effects briefly override the background music. The other Operators with this distinction are Ethan and Specter the Unchained.
    • Along with Angelina, Bard Supporters are the only Operators who lack a rear-facing animation for their sprite.
  • Several fanarts and memes depicted the first 4 Bard Supporters as the bandsman of Kessoku Band from Bocchi the Rock! due to their very similar color schemes.