Marksman Sniper

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Attacks aerial enemies first.
—Trait description

Marksman Sniper, colloquially known as Anti-Air/AA or Single-target/ST Sniper, is a branch of the Sniper class in Arknights.

Marksman Snipers have fast attack interval with decent ATK, giving them a good DPS output, and a range of 3×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front or 3×4 tiles from Elite 1, as well as low DP cost. They also targets aerial enemies over the others when attacking, which makes Marksman Snipers essential in operations with aerial enemies.



Operator Modules

Module Information
MAR-X module.png
New trait:
Increases ATK to 110% when attacking aerial targets
MAR-Y module.png
New trait:
When there are ground enemies within range, ASPD +8


  • Marksman excels in defeating drones and Ground enemies with low Defense and with their high ASPD this means they can dispatch them quickly. Their relatively low DP cost also means they can be deployed very early as well.


  • The MAR-X Module makes the Marksman Sniper more effective against aerial enemies, which they already prioritizes when attacking. This stacks with Meteor's talent Anti-Air Specialist, further improving her effectiveness against flyers.
  • The MAR-Y Module improves the Marksman Sniper's DPS when they are placed on areas where ground enemies would usually converge.


  • Due to most Marksman Snipers having low ATK, they are not as effective against high DEF enemies. This is especially noticeable in operations featuring Imperial Artillery Targeteers.
    • Hencefore, DEF debuffs are recommended to reduce the DEF of enemies for Marksman Snipers to defeat them easily.
  • Any form of ATK increase can drastically improve Marksman Snipers' damage output thanks to their fast attack interval and most have ATK scaling skills.