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This article is about the Operator class. For the enemy, see Sniper (enemy).

Sniper is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Snipers use ranged weaponry (usually crossbows/bows or firearms) to attack enemies from a long range, allowing them to dispatch enemies from a safe distance. Their DP cost is quite low, only slightly higher than Vanguards, allowing Snipers to be deployed early in the game.

Snipers have less-than-stellar HP and DEF, so it is best to keep them away from ranged enemies who can easily harm them. They are also ineffective against enemies with high DEF as their attacks will not be effective. In contrast, Snipers excel against enemies with high RES but low DEF, such as enemy Casters.


Branch Trait
Marksman Sniper
Attacks aerial enemy first
Ranged attacker that targets aerial enemies over others; fast attack interval and low cost
Artilleryman Sniper
Deals AOE Physical damage
Long-ranged attacker dealing splash damage; skills typically involve burst splash damage; fairly high cost
Deadeye Sniper
Prioritizes attacking the enemy with lowest DEF within range first
Powerful long-ranged attacker that targets enemies with the lowest DEF over others; very high ATK but rather low attack speed
Heavyshooter Sniper
High-accuracy point-blank shot
Short-ranged attacker whose attacks are highly effective against targets on the direct frontal tile(s); specialize in fairly fast and high damage skills, but with relatively restrictive range
Spreadshooter Sniper
Attacks all enemies within range, and deals 150% damage to enemies in the row directly in front of this unit.
Close-ranged attacker that hits all targets within range and deals 1.5× damage against targets in the frontal row on each attack; extremely high cost
Besieger Sniper
Attacks the heaviest enemy first
Long-ranged attacker which targets enemies the highest weight over others; long range, and cannot attack at close range; typically possessing high damage
Flinger Sniper
Attacks deal two instances of Physical damage to ground enemies in a small area (The second instance is a shockwave that has half the normal ATK)
Long-ranged ground attacker dealing area-of-effect/splash damage whose attacks unleash a half-strength shockwave
Hunter Sniper
Attacks consume Ammo to increase ATK to 120%; While not attacking, Ammo will be slowly reloaded (max capacity 4/6/8)
Ranged attacker that only attacks while having ammunition which they generates over time when not engaging enemies with 1.2× damage
Loopshooter Sniper
Can only attack while holding a boomerang projectile (projectile takes time to return)
Long/wide-ranged attacker that uses a boomerang-like projectile to attack, but must wait until the projectile returns before being able to attack again; becomes the most effective the closer enemies are


Operator Subject Interaction
Landen Tactics Snipers whose skill has offensive SP recovery periodically generates 1 SP while Archetto is deployed.
  • Elite 1: Every 3 seconds
  • Elite 2: Every 2.5 seconds
  • MAR-X Stage 2: Every 2.3 seconds
  • MAR-X Stage 3: Every 2.2 seconds
Frugality Snipers whose skill uses the ammunition mechanic has a 20% chance to not consume the ammo when attacking while Ch'en the Holungday is deployed.
Sniper Support Increases the ASPD of Snipers while Elysium's skill is active and reduces their DP cost while Elysium is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 10 ASPD, -1 DP cost
  • Elite 2: 20 ASPD, -2 DP cost
  • BEA-X Stage 2: 23 ASPD, -2 DP cost
  • BEA-X Stage 3: 25 ASPD, -2 DP cost
  • Potential 5: +3 ASPD
Crossfire Increases the ATK of Snipers while Schwarz is deployed alongside at least one other Sniper. When Schwarz's ARC-X Operator Module is upgraded, Crossfire takes effect when Schwarz is present alongside at least one other Sniper in the squad.
  • Elite 2: 8%
  • ARC-X Stage 2: 11%
  • ARC-X Stage 3: 13%
  • Potential 6: +5%


  • Sniper has the second most members out of all eight classes, just behind Guard.
    • With the release of Fiammetta but before the release of Irene, the amount of 6★ Guards and Snipers are tied at 10 Operators. Unlike Guards though, Snipers notably have not yet received a 6★ male Operator whereas Guards already have a few thus far. Currently they hold this record with Defenders since the launch of the server in 2019 until now for almost 4 years.
    • Ironically, as a result of this, Snipers actually have more female 6★ Operators than Guards.
  • Sniper is the first class to have at least one Operator from all six rarities. (Defenders became the 2nd with the release of Friston-3)
  • Despite being called "Sniper", Deadeye Snipers are the only one who actually uses a sniper rifle. This results in the community making the meme "The Sniper class is made up of snipers", which is parallel to the "The Archer class is made of archers" meme from Fate Grand/Order.