Incantation Medic

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Attacks deal Arts damage and heal the HP of an ally within Attack Range for 50% of the damage dealt.
—Trait description

Incantation Medic is a branch of the Medic class in Arknights.

Incantation Medics are unique in which they are the only Medics who attacks enemies instead of healing friendly units, both dealing Arts damage and healing a friendly within range for half their ATK, with the range of Medical Medics. Although their low DPS makes them unable to match Core Casters (with the exception of Reed the Flame Shadow), Incantation Medics remain useful as all of them are capable of inflicting the Arts Fragility debuff, and can both provide damage and healing.



Operator Modules

Module Information
INC-X module.png
Trait improved:
Attacks deal Arts damage and heal the HP of an ally within Attack Range for 60% of the damage dealt


  • Incantantion Medic are often versatile in offense and support when they are given constant waves of enemies. However, since they need to attack enemies to heal allies, they will be highly inefficient and possibly useless especially in operations with environmental damage or enemies with very long attack range who can cause harm outside their attack range.
  • Since Incantation Medics cannot fulfill Core Casters' and other Medics' role to the same degree in spite of their better attack range, they should be used together and treated as a support or secondary medic.