Charger Vanguard

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Obtain 1 DP after this unit defeats an enemy; Refunds the original DP Cost when retreated.
—Trait description

Charger Vanguard, colloquially known as DP-on-Kill or Offensive Vanguard, is a branch of the Vanguard class in Arknights.

Compared to other Vanguards, Charger Vanguards have more ATK but can only block a single enemy. They will generate 1 DP whenever they defeat an enemy, and unlike other Operators, will return their base DP cost when retreated instead of 50% of the current cost.



Operator Modules

Module Information
CHG-X module.png
Trait improved:
Generates 2 DP after this unit defeats an enemy; Refunds the current DP Cost when retreated
CHG-Y module.png
New trait:
When attacking enemies with less than 40% of their max HP, increase ATK to 115%


  • Because of their low block count, it's not advised to use Charger Vanguards in maps where enemies comes out frequently in large numbers or when facing enemies who can only be blocked with 2 or more block counts.


  • The CHG-X Module is a must if the Charger Vanguard is to be used on their primary role of DP generation, as it improves the efficiency of their DP generation and allows them to be used as "helidrop" units throughout the operation.
  • The CHG-Y Module allows the Charger Vanguard to finish off weakened enemies more easily, which can help them block more enemies when several of them are on the way to the Charger.