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Vanguard is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Vanguards have relatively low DP cost which often makes them among the first units to be deployed in an operation and the ability to generate more DP to allow the rest of the squad to be deployed. They typically have decent, well-rounded stats, allowing Vanguards to handle the initial waves of enemies in an operation.


Branch Trait
Pioneer Vanguard
Blocks 2 enemies
All-around early melee Operator that steadily generates DP with their skills
Charger Vanguard
Obtain 1 DP after this unit defeats an enemy; Refunds the original DP Cost when retreated
Offensive early melee Operator that generates DP upon defeating enemies and returns their base DP cost on retreat
Standard Bearer Vanguard
Standard Bearer
Cannot block enemies during the skill duration
Early support melee Operator that rapidly generates DP with their skills, and can neither attack nor block enemies during skill activations
Tactician Vanguard
This unit can designate one Tactical Point within attack range to call Reinforcements; ATK is increased to 150% when attacking enemies blocked by Reinforcements
Early ranged Operator who can make use of a Reinforcement deployed in a Tactical Point within range to hold back enemies and aid in generating DP, dealing 1.5× damage when attacking enemies blocked by the Reinforcement
Agent Vanguard
Has reduced Redeployment Time, can use ranged attacks
Early melee Operator with shorter redeployment time and extended attack range which can target aerial enemies, and generate DP in each attack during skill activations


Operator Subject Interaction
Military Tradition Increases the initial SP of Vanguards' skills while Bagpipe is in the squad.
  • Elite 2: 6
  • Potential 5: +2
Mounted Police Grants Physical dodge to Vanguards while Grani is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 10%
  • Elite 2: 20%
  • CHG-X Stage 2: 25%
  • CHG-X Stage 3: 30%
  • Potential 5: +5%
Glistening Vanguards regenerate HP every second while Myrtle is deployed.
  • Elite 2: 25
  • BEA-X Stage 2: 28
  • BEA-X Stage 3: 30
  • Potential 5: +3
King of Beasts Increases the ATK and DEF of Vanguards while Siege is deployed.
  • Elite 1: 4%
  • Elite 2: 8%
  • Potential 5: +2%
Crushing When Siege's SOL-Y Operator Module is upgraded, Crushing also gives 1 SP to another random Vanguard on the map.
Ursus's Roar
Increases the ATK and DEF of Vanguards while active.
  • Level 1: 25%
  • Level 2: 30%
  • Level 3/4: +35%
  • Level 5: +40%
  • Level 6/7: +45%
  • Mastery 1: +50%
  • Mastery 2: +55%
  • Mastery 3: +60%
Spearheader At Elite 2, Spearheader reduces the DP cost of Vanguards by 1 while Zima is in the squad. When Zima's SOL-X Operator Module is upgraded, Pioneer Vanguards have their DP cost reduced by 2 instead.


  • In the beta version of Arknights, Vanguards were originally a part of Guards before being moved to a separate class. This is why the icon for Dobermann's second skill remains green, which is a common feature of Vanguards, since she was originally meant to be a DP-generating Guard.
  • Prior to Vigil's introduction, the Vanguard branches introduced so far in Arknights coincidentally have the first 6★ Operator introduced to a branch who is aligned with Victoria; Siege (albeit with Glasgow, a subfaction of Victoria, as her faction), Bagpipe, and Saileach are all the first 6★ Operator of their respective branch and are aligned with Victoria.
  • With the introduction of Kestrel and Wanqing, the Vanguard class is the first class to have at least a Welfare Operator for each of its branches.