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Enemies in Arknights are units that must be defeated by the player in operations.

Currently, there are ten types of enemies: Apparition, Arts Creation, Collapsal, Drone, Infected Creature, Machina, Possessed, Sarkaz, Sea Monster, and Wild Beast, and they are divided into three classes: Normal, Elite, and Boss. Allied units are technically classified as enemies too.


Enemies have three versions which affects their performance in specific operations.

  • Level 0: The enemy's baseline version.
  • Level 1: An enhanced version with greater stats and improved abilities, typically used in harder content such as Inferno Mode and extra event operations.
  • Level 2: A highly enhanced version with even greater stats and further improved abilities. Only few enemies have a Level 2 version, which is used in harder content.

Unique properties

Property Information
Low-Altitude Hovering Grants a ground enemy the properties of an aerial enemy; they can move over friendly units and can only be attacked by ranged units, and cannot be shifted. Disabling the enemy (Stun, Sleep, Freeze) will cause them to lose the Low-Altitude Hovering.
Refraction Greatly increases RES so long as the enemy is not Silenced.

Aerial enemies

Most enemies are ground units, but some are aerial or flying units which has the ability to move over friendly units, walls/obstacles, and terrain hazards like Heat Pump Passages, and can only be targeted by ranged attacks.

Marksman Snipers attack aerial enemies (including Low-Altitude Hovering ones) over the others.

Large enemies

Some enemies occupy multiple tiles on the map in return for being stationary at all times and obviously unable to be shifted and affected by speed-reducing effects.

All large enemies have an ability that causes the player to instantly fail the operation (or in the Big Sad Lock and Samivilinn's case, lose a lot of Life Points) if the player takes too long to defeat them to make up for the fact that their size and immobility prevents large enemies from going towards Protection Objectives.