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Corruption is a unique enemy mechanic in Arknights, introduced in Episode 11.


Corruption is represented by a cloud of noxious pale greenish/grayish mist that causes friendly units caught in its area-of-effect to lose HP (actually taking True damage) over time; those on melee tiles lose 50 HP every second while those on ranged tiles lose 25 HP every second, which does not stack if a single friendly is affected by multiple Corruptions.


Enemy Method Area-of-effect
Rot Eater sprite.png
Innate (constantly) 1.1 tiles around the Rot Eater
Sarkaz Witherer sprite.png
Sarkaz Witherer Captain sprite.png
When defeated (lasts 8 seconds) 1.5 tiles
Sarkaz Wither Tank sprite.png
Advanced Sarkaz Wither Tank sprite.png
Ranged attack; the first attack after spawning and every third attacks (lasts 10 seconds) 2.2 tiles

The Twigs That Crave continuously releases Corruption over a radius of 1.1 tiles around it.