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Cannot perform normal attacks when blocked.
—In-game tip

Frighten is a debuff in Arknights, introduced in The Rides to Lake Silberneherze.


Only enemies can be Frightened, which prevents the subject from launching normal attacks (i.e. disarming them) so long as they are being blocked. If the enemy is Frightened as they are attacking while being blocked, the attack will be interrupted.


Operator Source Range/target Duration
Degenbrecher icon.png
Born Warrior When dealing damage with a 10% chance, which increases to 100% (i.e. always) while Skill-Degenbrecher2.png Silent Derision or Skill-Degenbrecher3.png Return to Silence is active 5 seconds


Operator Subject Interaction
Degenbrecher icon.png
Living Legend Ignores a certain percentage of DEF when attacking Frightened enemies.
  • Elite 2: 25%
  • Potential 5: +5%