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Gravity is an operation mechanic[note 1] in Arknights, introduced in Lone Trail.


Can be activated by Operators with at least 1 Block Count or enemies with at least 3 Weight to change the direction of gravity.
—Gravity Switch tooltip

As part of the "Horizon Arc Project," Rhine Lab has developed the method to produce artificial gravity to aid in training the Project's personnel in the event they have to carry out extravehicular activity in space — the Terrans never even ventured beyond the planet's troposphere due to the Starpod's presence, in fact.

The operation's gravity can be influenced by the Gravity Switch which is represented in-game by two buttons, the red UP and the green DOWN, and indicated by a golden ring on the left side of the map. When an enemy with a weight of at least 3 is on top of a Switch or a friendly unit with a block count of at least 1 is deployed on it, the gravity will change to either point upwards (UP/U) or downwards (DOWN/D). Both Switches cannot be activated at the same time; having an Operator deployed or an enemy on top of the active Switch will prevent the other Switch from being pressed, unless if the former's block count is somehow reduced to 0.

The gravity has the following effects:

  • All Planetary Debris (except those turned into Star Rings by Kristen) will drift towards the gravity's direction.
  • Friendly units that are facing alongside the gravity have their ASPD increased by 25, while those facing against the gravity have their ASPD reduced by 25.
  • Enemies moving alongside or against the gravity will have their movement speed increased or decreased, respectively, based on their weight as shown in the table below:
Weight Alongside Against
0 +8% −10%
1 +20% −34%
2 +32% −40%
3 +140% −64%
4 or higher +164% −70%


Enemy Interaction
Trimounts City Defender
Trimounts City Defender Captain
"Traffic Officer"
"Traffic Officer Captain"
When attacking a unit on a Gravity Sensor tile, reduces their block count to 0 for 3 seconds.
Kristen is unaffected by the gravity.


The Gravity mechanic is featured in all CW operations except CW-1, CW-2, and CW-6.


  1. Actually provided by a static device of the same name, which is hidden in-game.


  • Whenever the gravity finishes changing, it will also cause a screen shake effect.