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Introduced in Expeditioner's Joklumarkar (CN)/Hortus de Escapismo (Global), Elemental damage can only be suffered by enemies whenever they are under the effect of Elemental Damages which can now be inflicted on enemies as well, and is reduced by Elemental RES/E-RES at a percentage-based rate (e.g. 10 E-RES = -10% Elemental damage taken).

Elemental damage is often mistaken for a form of True damage due to ignoring both DEF/RES and the vast majority of existing damage reduction mechanics, but is considered an entirely separate damage type. This confusion is likely due to no enemies (as of Episode 14's release on the CN server) having any E-RES or ERST, with only mechanics able to reduce all damage types (not just Physical/Arts) being able to reduce Elemental damage.


  • Enemies who are being affected by Necrosis Damage take 800 Elemental damage every second.
  • When Burn Damage on an enemy explodes, the victim takes 7000 Elemental damage.
Operator Source Range/target Duration
Diamante icon.png
Laser Cutter
When attacking enemies who are under Necrosis Damage's burst effect while active
  • Level 1-3: 20% ATK
  • Level 4-6: 30% ATK
  • Level 7-Spec. 2: 40% ATK
  • Spec. 3: 50% ATK
Heat Treatment Discoloration
  • Level 1-3: 40% ATK
  • Level 4-6: 50% ATK
  • Level 7: 60% ATK
  • Spec. 1: 65% ATK
  • Spec. 2: 70% ATK
  • Spec. 2: 75% ATK
Ebenholz icon.png
Appoggiatura (MSC-Δ Stage 2+) When attacking enemies who are under Necrosis Damage's burst effect
  • Stage 2: 20% ATK
  • Stage 3: 30% ATK
Warmy icon.png
Overflowing Pot When an enemy within attack range has the Burn Damage on them explode
  • Elite 1: 200% ATK
  • Elite 2: 300% ATK
  • Potential 5: +20%
Scorching Stream
When attacking enemies under Burn Damage's burst effect while active 50% ATK